Extended Reading List

Finally we have moved on from the limited reading list I’ve forced into the last two years.  Her favorite books are still the usual, Big Barn, Baby Baby Baby, The Dot and the Line, Pierre (Nutshell Library), etc. But the last few weeks, ok more like days but the freedom has brought new life into our bedtime routine, I have been able to introduce new books.  It goes something like this.

O, what would like to read to know.
I don’t know.  
Do you want to ready Caterpillar?
No. Mommy, I pick one.

This where she goes to her bookshelf and ponders her selection.  She’s come back with the classics  One Was Johnny (from the Nutshell Library), but more often then not, it’s something completely different like Wemberly Worried or Dr. Seuss’ ABCs.  And after I finish reading the story, she says to me.

Your turn, Mommy. You pick

Sweet! So I do, and go out to left field. Something she hasn’t seen before. And we discuss the book, and the pictures. And then, Good night, Mommy. And off to sweet sweet slumber.

Side note: A few weeks ago, she went to Grandma’s house, and as usual I packed the necessasities: diapers, clothes, pajamas, and various standard books. Well, O forgot to pack (I acually blame Grandma here. She should know better. You send O back with everything she came to you with.) Dot and the Line. The joke at bedtime is:

O, what would like to read?
Dot and line.
I don’t have Dot and Line. You left it Grandma’s house
No Dot and Line?? 
Ok Mommy.

Now she just says Dot and Line just to get a laugh out of me. 


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