A Few Thoughts on Robin Hood

As the big book, we are currently reading The Adventures of Robin Hood. I haven’t read it before, so I do try to expand my own knowledge of the classics along with O’s reading.   We are all familiar with Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (back when Kevin Costner was better looking and Christian Slayter had a career) and Walt Disney’s version, one of my favorites.

But I have to say reading the story, Robin Hood is quite selfish and reckless. I mean, if you are to rob the rich and give to the poor, there is not much of the giving to the poor. I imagined like a soup kitchen or a pantry style giving.  But no, most of the time it’s Robin Hood and his Merry men feasting on venison and such. And once in a while he invites strangers he meets on the road to Nottingham to his secret meadow to feast with him.  But why is he so trusting?? Does he really think that the Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne can’t hatch up a plan to send a spy and figure out where his “secret” hideout is??  I guess not.  And the irony is that each of these guests ends up joining his band of his merry men.

Then Robin does all these crazy things of entering archery competitions in disguise knowing full well that all his enemies would be there. Of course his Merry men won’t hear of letting him go by himself, so they join him. I would be like, You have a death wish, Ok, well see ya!  And good luck with your life and stuff.  But they all go, a few die in the aftermath. You’d think he learned his lesson. But oh no! This time he pretends to be a butcher, and gets invited to the Sheriff’s house. At least this time, he does it alone.

We are halfway through the book, but at this point I feel like I should just finish it.  But I am very disappointed with Robin Hood’s antics.  Seriously! Take some responsibility for being the righteous one!


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