What O Is Reading?

O is very avid “reader”!  She loves looking at books, flipping through them, and on some level I think she is even reading them in her own way.  This is a short list some of her favorite books.

  • The Big Red Barn The favorite spread is the one with the puppy and kitty. Then next favorite thing is to close the book, and hear me say, The End!
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A lot of the books I am reading to her just so she gets used to reading.  I don’t think she actually has retained any of the story line.
  • Cinderella.  The original, not the Disney version.
  • Charlotte’s Web.  We just finished this one this week.  I think Tempelton the Rat was her favorite.  But it might have to do with just watching Ratatouille.
  • Nutshell Library by Maurice Sendak. This is staple when traveling or going anywhere.  The small books are great for little fingers. And then the fun of putting them back in the slipcase.  But she has yet to let me finish Chicken Soup with Rice. Every time we get to May, she yanks it out of my hands, and plops in One Was Johnny.
  • That’s Not My Puppy.  Her obsession with puppies started early, thanks to C in England who sent her this book.  By far, a great big hit!
  • The Dot and the Line.  A gift from her uncle S also in England, and this is also one that she likes to read.  Last night (7/30/10) we had to read the book (again, for the 30th time), and when we go to the spread of the different geometrical shapes the line can be become, we spent 15 minutes identifying all triangles on the page.  I mean ALL!!  Then to my embarrassment, I could only correctly tell her what 3 of the shapes on there were (triangle, cube and hexagon). The rest were a mystery to me too.

Aug 19…There haven’t been any updates because I have not been allowed to read anything else but the Nutshell Library…. every night….for the last three weeks.  I tried sneaking in Harry the Dirty Dog thinking that it’s about a dog, she loves dogs, but that did not go down well.  After getting past page 2 the crying started and the demands for BOOOK (through tears) and shoving one of the Nutshell library books.  And you can’t just read one.  You have to read ALL of them.  And when we get close to the end of one, she yanks it out of hands and shoves another one towards me.  Round and round we go.  When we come back to the same book that previously yanked, I continue from where we left off, otherwise bedtime would never happen.  She does roar like the Lion when Pierre falls upon the floor.  So it’s cute.  But please can we move on to something else????

  • Aug 31.  EUREKA!! We were finally able to read another book other than the Nutshell Library.  It was Harry the Dirty Dog Goes to the Beach!!  And she proceed to point out all the birds on the beach, the 1 random plane on the one page.
  • Oct 5.  Because of the sleep issues that we are facing, reading time lasts a bit longer.  And the rotation varies from Harry (aka Puppy), to Dot and the Line, to Big Red Barn (which is starting to look worse for wear), and new additions to the mix: Where Do Balloons Go (aka Boon) and Counting Kisses (aka Beby).  Counting Kisses has been part of the reading rotation for awhile now, but I just haven’t updated the page.  In the pages of this book, we point out the Mommy, Cacky, Ghema, Puppy, Kitty, Siter (sister), and Beby.
  • Sleeping Beauty, again original, not the Disney version.  I didn’t realize how much Disney has shaped my view of all these fairy tales, and how wrong Disney has been and edited out so much more stuff than needed just to fit in the little cookie cutter box of theirs.
  • Oct 18. Our repertoire now includes the Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales.  This is referred to as the BIG BOOK, which I read after she has climbed into bed, and is tucked in.  I find the style of writing a little awkward for me to read. After the 5th story in the collection I’m getting the hang of it.

Dec 19. Finally I was able to read a new story, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I think it gave her nightmares, so that book is out for now.  Too bad.  We are back to The Dot and the Line or the Baby (Harold and the Purple Crayon.)

The big book that we are reading now is the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Collection.  I want to pull my hair out now.  I can’t wait till this book is over.  Just 60 more pages.


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