The Joys of Motherhood

This is a list of things that I think are what makes motherhood worth it. Top are the most recent updates….

Apparently she likes Techno music.  This Reece’s Pieces commercial is her favorite, and every time it comes on we have to rewind 10 times to listen to it.

It is now Monsters Mink, not Monkers anymore. Our baby girl is such a big girl. And she actually knows the words to the to final song in the movie. Could be considered sad (because she’s watched it so many times) or cute because she is trying to sing it.

Cacky watch gootball! Translation, Daddy watches football.  But every sporting event is gootball.  Basketball… No, Cacky, gootball.  And today (Dec 19) she told us Gootball cold.  There was a game being played in Pittsburgh and it was snowing.

Singing Tinkle Tinkle Little Car. Rock a baby Tree top.  ABC song.

The baby and puppy needing a diaper change, requiring half the box of wipes to clean them properly!

I lolu, Mommy. (translation, I Love you, mommy! melts your heart) and followed by a huge hug and kiss.

It amazes me how between 23 months and her 2nd birthday, O has become a whole new little person.  She talks in complete sentences, and the other day I found out she knows what a Rainbow is and what it looks like.

Playing hide and go seek, her version, when she just runs in the room, and then pops out right away. Or if she’s counting, the way she screams when she finds me, and laughing, hysterically laughing.

Singing Happy Birthday to puppy, mommy, cacky, and Elmo. Just randomly.

After the sleeping fiasco of a few weeks ago (Sept and Oct 2010), we have developed a pattern.  At around 5:50 am or so she waddles in our room, and I hoist her up in our bed, and she sleeps for another hour in between us. On her won pillow, under the blanket, holding my hand. Hand, Mommy, Hand!  And I just want to eat every single one of those little fingers.  The bad part is, we have now overslept on every single Monday morning since this has started.

I know I’ve said this before, but her singing and remembering and repeating the sounds is much better. And she tries to say more and more complicated words from her songs.  So cute!

The way her curiosity makes me stop and enjoy the roses.  Everything from planes in  the sky (over NYC skies there are a LOT of planes), bugs crawling in the garden, birds (even the rats with wings become magical when they are she points them out and tweets), all dogs within a 5 mile radius are identified from their barking and must be said HI PUPPY! to.

If she is laying on our bed, trying to calm down after a big day of running around like a crazy person, she needs to have her head on the pillow and the sheets pulled way up under her chin.

When she hugs me, and says Hi Mommy!! And we hug so tightly, our cheeks become one.  Then again, HI Mommy!!!

The face she makes when she poops her pants. Scrunches her nose, and waves her hand in the air .  She now squeezes her nose to show how stinky it is.

Making her laugh so hard, she farted in my face!

Her hugs.  She is in a very huggy mood lately. Lots of hugs.

Her empathy.  She can be right pain in the arse, but she also knows empathy. As example, she hit the Snausage by accident, and she automatically dropped what she was doing, and gave him a hug.

Saying her first audibly understood THANK YOU after her father handed her the Bobo.

Going on the subway and she says hi and bye to everyone, bringing smiles to even the toughest looking guy on the subway.

Her singing.  There is NOTHING, NOTHING cuter than having her sing, and bop her head to the Time Warner commercial.  We think she likes tribal house music.  DH wants to test this theory.

The accomplishments.  To look at O, and see that she has learned something new.  And wonder, My GOD, Baby!  How did you learn this?

The open mouth kiss! Although disgusting, it’s super cute.

The proud Mama and Papa bear we get when one of the other parents at day care tells us how smart she is.  Since we don’t have a reference point, we assume she is super smart.  And on some level how she bosses the other kids around. We just wish she wouldn’t boss us around as much.

Noi, noi! Even though shaking her head no all the time is super annoying, I love the way the bangs on your bowl cut swing back and forth.

The laugh. The huge belly laugh, the whole hearted laugh, her head falls back, and her pearly whites are showing!

Check back soon for more cutesy things.


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