Baby Stages

And these are some of the reason why I have white hairs and I just want to run away.

Teeth coming in.  Especially the big molars.  Baby is very cranky for very long time.  Second this AGAIN!!!  The fever, the pain, the overall uncomfortable environment for all around her.

The Bobo.  She only takes it with us, and when she doesn’t have it, chaos ensues

Elmo.  Sometimes I dream of horrific ways the red fluffy puppet will have an untimely death.  Red fur flying around… that sort of thing.

MONDAYS!!! The worst day of the week!  She is so exhausted after her first day back at day care, so she is super cranky and tired… Nothing can console her.

Diaper rashes… awful!!

The MOMMY MOMMY stage, where only Mommy and only sometimes, rarely, Cacky are the only people she will go to.

Traveling with cranky baby.  Anywhere and all modes of transportation…

The hysterical crying.  So much so that she hiccups at it. It’s more heartbreaking than anything. But it’s frustrating because I’ve already explained that you do need to take a nap; no, I don’t have any more juice, crackers, etc., and yes, you do need to put your toys away.

The frustration I feel when I don’t understand what she wants. Now it’s a bit easier becuase she talks more, but sometimes it’s still a guess of what she’s asking for.  And I’m sure she too thinks we are idiots for not understanding what she is CLEARLY asking for!

Night from HELL!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this.  But I think the posts the last week or so have spoken for themselves.  The theme overall is sleeping.  As I was referencing them, I didn’t realize there were so MANY. I guess I am the one that has been traumatized this last week and half.  BooHoo!

Irrational anger.


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