Barbie Spa Day

Last night at bath time, Barbie had a much needed spa day. She had her hair shampooed and conditioned to her original silkiness.  Her hair was untangled (a very difficult procedure and quite painful for her).  An aggressive exfoliating treatment  using a Pumice stone.  A bubble bath.  Soothing discussion. And shaving of her legs using my shaver.

Mommy, Look what Barbie is doing!!!

I had to change the blade. Fortunately, none of her plastic legs were damaged.

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Waking Baby Up

Last night she came in our bed again. This time she has changed her story. Before she just waddled in. Now, she goes after the heart strings. “Mommy, it’s really hot  in my room.” Which it can be. So she comes in the bed. Which means, I go in the middle, and if DH is not in a sharing mood. I squished between poky, sharp elbows (O), and immovable mountain that is DH.  So basically, I haven’t slept.

This morning, I wake her up as soon as the alarm goes off. Because if I didn’t sleep, then she should get up and make it to work on time. I go in there, and she just moves around. I go back in 5 minutes. Mommy, can I have one more sleep??


Her room does get hot, and we were watching some show, and a commercial came for this cool pillow. She’s watching it intently, and then says, Mommy, I think I really need this. And I think she might. She sweats up her pillow like no one else I know.


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Weekend at the Beach

This weekend we escaped the heat away from New York. As we were driving back yesterday, I almost melted when I came out of the car.

As O and I were splashing around in the water this was our conversation:

O: Mommy, do you have a baby in your belly?

Me: No, why.

O: Cause your belly is so fat.  (Cackles of laughter, as she floats away.)

Thanks, O, that really nice!

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This weekend, Papa is coming to pick up O and take her to their house.  And yes, that is a mark of dedication and also a guilt trip from me to watch their only grandchild.  So yes, they have absolutely NO problem getting in the car driving 2 hours each way to pick up their precious, smart, gorgeous and funny granddaughter. And yes, I realize that I am very lucky!  And that O is very lucky!

But never fear, O will have a FABULOUS weekend.  She has two parties to attend on Saturday. A baby shower for a family friend. She’s going with Grandma, then in the afternoon they are going my dad’s company picnic.  There is a pool, kids activities, and even a pony. She is super excited about the pool. Even though we have already discussed several times that she has never been to that pool (even though I think she attended the company picnic in previous years) and the only pool she’s been in is at Puerto Plata.  This morning, I also mentioned that there will be a pony.  Her eyes got really big: Can I pet it? Yes. Can I ride it? Probably? Can I poke it in the eye? (toddler humor!)

But then she became very concerned. But, Mommy, what will you do?  You will be all alone on Saturday?  Me: Don’t worry, Daddy will be with me. O: But you will be all alone. You will miss me so much. (No, that was not a question, but a statement.) Me: Don’t worry, Daddy and I will be just fine, but yes, I will miss you.

Mommy and Daddy will be going out with our friends who are visiting from out of town, and we won’t have to rush back to relieve a babysitter, or have to worry about headaches the next morning!

She is always concerned!

PS. O did not approve of Shakira’s outfit during the signing round of The Voice. Her words: She is showing her nakedness. (Obviously, she did not watch when Xtina was on to see her nakedness… And Shakira’s outfit would be considered conservative.

PSS. She was also very shocked when Sasha Allen ripped off her red cover up. Mommy, why is she in her underwear??

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Can You Pause It?

Remember a time when there wasn’t cable television? Or when cartoons were only on Saturday morning? And PBS during the week?  Remember when there only 10 channels (maybe even less)? I remember when my parents finally got cable and PAID extra for the Disney Channel!!  That was the BEST day ever!!  The Mickey Mouse had actual people not cartoon characters.

Now it’s 2013 and my loving toddler has absolutely no idea the suffering I had to endure.  She is used to instant gratification  Plop in DVD and press Play. No waiting to rewind the VHS tape because the last person who watched Lady and the Tramp forgot to rewind the tape.  With tears in her eyes, Mommy, why is it taking for a long time???

Or watching The Voice (her new favorite show. Shakira is her favorite!! But not that episode when her hair was curly), she gets antsy if I let Carson Daly talk too much before fast forwarding him.  (I do have to agree with her. He’s gotten better, but he’s no Ryan (not something I ever thought I would say.))

But the kicker…. We were watching the Hub on Saturday morning (they have a marathon starting at like 4 am, probably for bleary-eyed parents who can just plop them in front of the TV without having to deal with the end of the DVD) watching Care Bears, followed by Strawberry Shortcake, and Pound Puppies. She does not watch all of these, but depending on what time she gets up, and what time I want to get up, she tends to watch 3 half hour shows.  She was in the middle of a very exciting and tense filled episode of Strawberry Shortcake, when she had to go to the bathroom. Number 2.  She jumps off the couch, and declares, Mommy, Can you pause it??

And I did.

What’s next??

By the way, the other night, I let her stay up a bit later than her 8 pm bedtime, and I put on Alf for her.  Who knew that Alf was timeless?  But it is. She really enjoyed. Good ol’ fashion family fun with alien!

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Water Park and Other Stories

Summer came. And with a hot and sticky vengeance  It basically went from using the heat to immediate and necessary air conditioning.  You think I’m kidding. But I’m not.  It literally took 24 hours to switch over.

But now, O is really excited to rotate her wardrobe and look at the new skirts and short sleeve shirts. Not only that, Grandma must have bought her a lot of new clothes at the end of last season, because almost everything had tags on them. And I had to finally say goodbye to the 2T stuff. She is much too big to wear these.

DH has been in a flurry of activity as well. Setting up the garden. From choosing the correct size boulders rocks, to planting new flowers.  And trying to keep the cats off the grass. If you remember, last year we bought the scarecrow motion sensor to keep the cats off the grass.  One day last week, we meet at O’s school, and he is soaked. He said it was the scarecrow: it took him many many tries to figure out the right setting, sensitivity, sensor location, etc.  We should ask O to look at something in the garden.

We get home, and DH says, O, why don’t you take a look at those new flowers that came flowered in the back of the garden.  She comes out, Oh, Ok, Daddy.  Which flower?  DH: Further back. O: Here? DH: No, no. Further back.  She goes a bit longer, and the scarecrow squirts at her.  Now last year, when we tricked her like this, she started hysterically crying. This year, she was a bit thrown off, but she laughed it off. O: Now, you go, Daddy!!  And we all took turnes getting squirted by the scarecrow.

Yesterday, we spent about 3 hours or more at the park. I asked her if she wants to put her bathing suit on, she said no. So we went.  When we got there, she cried when she got wet a bit, but an hour later, she was showing me her wet butt. Then half hour later she was running through the sprinkler, then half hour after that she was scootering through the sprinkler. And an hour later she was crying because she didn’t want to go home. Which then switched into why can’t she get an ice cream. Because you already had one two hours ago.

What did I do for the three hours at the park? I was reading my book.  It is so much more pleasant to enjoy your time at the park when you have a good to read. Even sudoku on my Galaxy gets old after half hour.

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Random Links

Hey, so here are some things that will make you laugh!

  • Conversation with My 2 Year Episode 1. I hope they have more!
  • Louis CK Basically any of his kids stuff.  But this one is particularly funny: Why? 
  • Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend And watch the 2nd episode too. 
  • Simon’s Cat And watch all of them. They are pretty funny. 


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