Where Is O?

I have been really bad with updating the crafty list. Or any lists for that matter.

But I am happy to announce that I finally completed O’s first and second year albums.  The First Year one is slightly out of chronological order because I started the first part when she was 8 months, and I finally ordered the prints for the rest of the year much later. And the first pictures were already glued in, and I had too many pictures… Anyway, it was a hot mess.

The 2nd year album was much much easier. I used Kodak Smart Gallery and it just arranged my pictures in chronological order and they did a pretty good job of emphasizing the good picture. You can move them around, but you don’t have to spend hours upon hours arranging.

O has really enjoyed these. Every few days or so, we start going through them. Who is in that picture?  Where are we?  And we talk about the pictures.  Over the weekend (March 12, 2011) we were looking at first year album. That, Mommy?  That’s Aunt Leena.  And that?  That’s Daddy. Then she points to a picture of me, the day we went to the hospital when I was labor.  The picture of me is pretty far away, so it’s hard to see my belly. Plus I was wearing an over-sized sweatshirt, so you can’t see a belly at all.  She asks, Who is that?  That’s Mommy. She looks at it for a little bit, then she asks, Where is O?  I respond, O was in Mommy’s belly?  In Belly?  she asks, and looks at me.  Yup.  She thinks about it for a bit.  Then she pulls up my shirt and looks at my belly, and points, In there?  Yes, that’s were O was.  Do you want to see the first picture of O when she came out of Mommy’s belly?  YES!  And I show her the first picture! And she laughs.  And then she tries to curl on my belly to be kind of back in there. I say, You are much too big to be in there now.  And she giggles. Then she takes her Frankenstein Monster, and puts that on my belly.

I guess the albums are a good idea!!


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