What Came First?? The egg of course

Easter weekend was definitely a call to All hands on deck situation.  In my crazy craftiness, I have now enrolled my mother and unfortunately for her (and mostly for my dad) she has supported me in all my crazy plans. It started off sending her the blog post from NotMartha.  She loved the idea. So we started making the list.  (O’s godmother hosted the Easter brunch at her newly finished house.  They gutted it and pretty much built it up. This was their first party hosted at their house. And I think they might forever claim this holiday as theirs.)  Auntie EM (O’s godmother) said she’s not dyeing eggs. So my mom and I said, we would do it.  Now we had two things to do: dye boiled eggs AND make the surprise eggs.  We would use NotMartha’s recipe for the vibrant colors. I must have been living under a rock or something, because I had no idea that they made neon food colors.  Who knew?? Apparently, the WORLD.  Of course, gutting all the eggs left a huge amount of egg yolks and egg whites. And it’s a shame to throw out 20+ unused eggs. Very wasteful.  So I had scout the internet for ideas to use the said eggs.  I bounced around ideas for souffles, then I realized that I was being overly ambitious. Not only I couldn’t make them ahead of time, making 17 souffles would be hard, I would have to dominate Auntie EM’s oven who probably already set up a schedule for the oven.  And let’s be honest, souffles are hard and I don’t want my cooking reputation to be dominated by the flop that would be deflated souffles. So I crossed out the idea. Then I found a super easy key lime tartlettes recipe (doubling the recipe) I would need 10 egg yolks.  YEY. Now I need to find to use 10 egg yolks. Meringues, of course. Then we decided to do a side, double the broccoli and cheese casserole (10 full eggs). Yey! Want not, waste not!

I email my mom the list (she gets most of the ingredients) I but the fun stuff form AC Moore.  And the candy (she usually buys really bad candy. Like the fake Jelly Bellies that she then tries to feed DH with. He takes them politely, but they are just not the same.)

Then my dad gets involved.  He asks, so who will be cutting the top of the eggs. At first I was going to do it, but he’s an engineer and he so much more precise and exacting.  So we nominate him to do it. And he reluctantly accepts (I think deep down he liked that he was involved.) This is what he had to say about it:  The bigger the eggs the better.  The cutter gets a better grip on them, and the cut is more even.  Only a few of the egg yolks broke.

Other comments to NotMartha’s instructions:

  • The red using the drop recipe she gave us didn’t really turn out. The Magenta and Red looked pretty much the same.  We even adjusted the recipe and just ended up with more pink.
  • We are of course not patient enough to do one egg at a time. So I ended up doubling the coloring recipe, adding 2-1/2 cups of water and 3 table spoons of vinegar.  And soaked them for 20 minutes or more. As you can see from the pictures, each bowl had 3 to 4 eggs.
  • We did them in batches. The empty eggshells first, then we poured out the dye and did the hard boiled eggs.  The hard boiled eggs were cold, but I think next time we should keep them warm
  • We should have turned the hard boiled eggs more because the air bubbles coming through the shell affected the color.
  • After boiling the eggshells to sterilize them, you have to clean the membrane again.  Then we put them again boiling water, just to be sure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

O was very helpful with putting the candies in the eggs. She helped so much that some of the jelly bellies ended up in her mouth. Amazing how that happens.  DH helped by glueing the candy cups on them.

I meant to take more pictures of the key lime pies and the broccoli and cheese casseroles, but I got really overwhelmed.  And I gave up on the meringues.  The Julia Child recipe called for them to be baked for 1-1/2 hours, and I just didn’t have the time. The casseroles were pulled out of the oven 10 minutes before we had to leave.

Egg Yolks, light cream and Food Coloring

Out of the oven


But everything was really well received, and everyone LOVED the eggs!  Although O tried to get at all the purple eggs, the other kids really enjoyed breaking them and getting the candies out.

Check back next year, and we will make these.


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