Tutu for the O

Of all the things on my to do list, I did not have a tutu to make.  But with Halloween coming around, and her love of all things puffy… and my lack of things to do, I decided to make O a tutu.  I went to my local fabric shop on the LES, and I bought 3 different colors of tulle: magenta, pink and lilac as well as pink and lilac satin ribbon.  I brought all of it home, and then I pondered the best way to assemble the tutu.  I used one of her prebought tutus to decide on the waist size, and cut the elastic. Then I had to deal with the tulle. In case you are not a Project Runway contestant or make your own clothes, but tulle is very difficult to work with.  It doesn’t want to sit still, it keeps moving, and then what is the best way to fold it??

I ended up getting a 2 yards of each color, and just crunched it up. In the middle. closer to the legs I started with the lilac tulle, followed by the the pink, and topped it off with the magenta.  I folded the tulle in half, and I thought about it.  Then I cut it length wise, and folded it.  Then I stared more. Basically the planning took about 45 minutes.

Then the plan evolved. I scrunched up the tulle, and hand sowed it to the elastic. Then I took the ribbon, tied to measure it half way through and I started sowing starting with the back.  I pulled the elastic to make sure the ribbon will stretch and allow the big belly to fit in.

I sowed the lilac ribbon underneath, made the bow on the pink ribbon and VOILA!

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3 Responses to Tutu for the O

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  2. tartetitou says:

    That’s pretty @#$%% awesome Tutu you made there!!!!

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