Monster Bash

I think this was the last year when I could dictate the theme of O’s party.  Not pink, not princess, not the usual girly thing. Instead, I chose to do it MONSTER BASH.  Granted her birthday is very close to Halloween so it’s easy to fall onto that theme. But in all fairness her favorite movie (up to two months ago) is Monster Inc.  (She now likes The Incredibles, which is odd because the first half of the movie is less action and more story… But I think she likes the interaction between the brother and sister.)  I was freaking out before hand because she seemed less interested in Monsters, but then a few weeks before the party, she asked to see Monsters Inc again.  YEY, Mommy!

I do have to admit that I got the idea from two blogs, so thanks. Their parties were definitely more organized than mine. But O didn’t know the difference.

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First the Monsters: I was randomly walking by a fabric store, and saw the furry fabric in the window, and had to stop in.  I bought half a yard of pink and purple. I was trying to keep in the Sully color scheme but they didn’t have teal. So I was forced to change it to pink and purple, O’s favorite colors.  It was hard to cut the fur because it is so long, some of the length was cut off. I had to be careful when sowing the thing together, to make sure the bottom of the monster was the part with the short hair.  I had to sew it by hand because I needed to make sure the fur didn’t get caught in the seam.  Then stuffed it with batting, and I added the cardboard at the bottom before making the final seam to give it balance to help it stand upright.  I finished by making the feet covered by construction paper.  Glued the googly eyes and make antennas out of pipe cleaner.  The pomps on the feet were added to make sure they stood up straight.  When O saw them, she absolutely freaked out.  Because we didn’t have too many kids coming, we gave each kid a monster when they left.

The Headbands: The idea came to me one night.  Instead of party hats, why not have monster stuff. And the headband idea was fabulous. One of O’s friends had a party and they had headband crafts. So I just went with it. Oh yeah, the headbands were challenging. After placing my order at Oriental Trading, the idea of the headband came to me. It was too late to add the headbands to the order, so I was forced to scour 99 cent stores all over the city. Finally found them, but they were different sizes and colors.  Oh well… must move on.  I took pipe cleaner, wrapped around a stick to make the antennae, and glued it with hot glue gun to the headband.  Lots of brunt fingertips.  Then I added the pompoms and googly eyes, and more burnt fingertips. O helped with picking the colors for each of the headbands

For the cake, I made a Pink Lady cake, from Smitten Kitchen. I think I messed up with something, because it takes a bit too baking powdery. But no one except DH complained.  And I know someone else who made the recipe and she said hers were great. I of course added a lot of red dye to make it super pink!  The other issue I had with the cake, the icing was not the right icing to be used. It was much too soft. I kept having to put it in the freeze to harden it. But It kept softening in the piping bag while I was holding.  I was pretty much still adding the last icing touches to the fur as the first guests rang the bell. It was tight.

I made cupcakes (from a box) and made the icing fur and had eyes and other candies for kids to make their own monsters, but no one made them  ;(  Oh well. And mini key lime pies, but with purple dye to make them more purple theme, with homemade whipped cream and a candy eye on top. Those were pretty popular. But who doesn’t like key lime pie.

DH made the food again, and unlike last year, we made more kid friendly sandwiches.

In the basement we had Monster Making masks (from Oriental Trading), and I had a drawn a monster, actually a pretty good rendition of Mike Wasowski from Monsters Inc, to do pin the eye on the Monster, but we never got around to it.

Instead most of the kids hung out in O’s room.  And colored, and pulled all the toys out of everything. It was a mess in there, which means they had a good time!

And Thanks to Auntie R, who came over, and helped me make the eye-ball cake pops.  And for getting up at the crack of dawn (8 am) to help set up, even though she not used to getting up so early, or interacting with people before noon. Thanks for taking one for the team!

Thanks for reading!


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