Happy Birthday, America!

As soon as Auntie R sent me the link for the cake, I just knew, KNEW, I had to make the cake.  There was no question.  I got to excited, I told Auntie R to not tell anyone. She was sworn to secrecy. I went out, got a new pan for the small cake.  The link didn’t really give you recipes to use. So I had my surefire red velvet recipe. After thinking it over for some time (3 days) I decided to make 1-1/2 times of the recipe, and just add the blue and red food coloring after I divide the batter.

So I start. The recipe is not complicated, but it just takes time.  Now, what I didn’t realize is that red velvet cake calls for cocoa. Which without thinking I already added to the dry ingredients. Half way through I make two discoveries: A. I placed almost three times the amount of baking soda and baking powder needed and B. You can’t get white cake using cocoa powder. So I make another cake, doing half the recipe minus the cocoa.  And it’s as white as it can get.

The icing

Then I start making the icing.  That takes a bit of time because you need to let the mixture cool. Then as I check on the cakes, I realized that when making the white cake, I totally forgot to add the baking soda and baking powder. So the white cake is sadly too low!  It hardly rose, compared to three times of baking soda and baking powder of the other cakes.

After all is cooled and the icing is made, the assembly begins. We halfed the red layer.  Add icing. Half the sad white layer. Add more icing. Add the 2nd half of the red. More icing.  Then I take the blue layer and place it on a cutting board, and I place the little red cake pan on top of it, and just cut around it to make the hole.  I then place the blue layer on top of the last stack of iced layered cake. I fill with icing around the inside of the blue circle, and I paste down as much of the white cake as I can. It was a lot of surgery. But the good part was there was no white cake left over.  I add more icing.  Then I take the small red cake, place it in the whole, and just trim the top to make the cake totally even.  Then I slather the rest of icing to totally cover it.

Then the decorating. I clean one of O’s starfish beach toys and place it on top. Sprinkle the red and blue sprinkles. Add the tiny pin wheels, and add the sparklers. TA DA!!! Finished cake.

For the piece-de-resistance, light the sparklers and amaze your guest.

But when you cut it open and pull that first slice out…. THE CLAPS!!  And the amazement was just priceless.  I was really happy that I kept it top secret!  It was worth the good jobs and the surprised looks on their faces.  Thanks, Auntie R, for your help, for giving me the idea, and for letting me be the center of attention!

What ever should I do next year??


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