Cake Balls!

This update has been a long, LOOOONG time in coming. I actually made these back in November, so it’s been awhile.  To recap… this was one of the items on the Crafty To Do List.  Recipe as listed here.

I used a brown box from Trader Joe’s.  One box only was needed.

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Some of the things I learned.  The shoestring candy did not work very well at all. It was too stiff, and the chocolate was too hot to wrap around properly like I envisioned. Fortunately the whole thing was saved by the colored sugar I had in the cupboard. The age of it was very questionable, but I doubt that you can have colored sugar expire.

You must MUST add the Crisco to the melting chocolate.  Before I added this, the chocolate was really clumpy and you couldn’t dip the cake balls there properly.  After I added the Crisco (but be careful, don’t add too much because then the chocolate will separate and become an oily mess) the mixture became smoother, and it was much easier to coat the cake balls.

The one thing I wasn’t happy about, was the flat top they got after sitting on the baking sheet.

It was very exciting! At O’s birthday party, I posted the pictures on Facebook, and everyone was very excited to have them.  As soon as they started arriving at the house, everyone was asking for them right away! YEY me!!


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