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WWR&E How To Cook A Wolf

On Saturday, we finally had the first meet up of the book club for 2013.  Yes, it’s almost the end of February. But it’s hard to coordinate so many women with kids in one place.  The kids were split up … Continue reading

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Happy V-Day, Y’all! UPDATE

I think I’ve been watching too much Nashville. But in reality there is no such thing as too much Nashville!  It’s awesome! And I love Connie! This year for Valentines Day I did not go as crazy as last year. … Continue reading

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Survived Snowmaggadon

I hope you did too.  The city (as expected, but not predicted by the forecasters) did not get hit that badly.  The rest of Long Island and New England did not fare as well. A friend in Boston posted pictures of … Continue reading

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Dinner Time

As I’ve mentioned in the past, dinner time can be challenging  O will eat most of everything we put in front of her, but it can take HOURS…. A lot of discussion over what we are eating. Why? Not this one, … Continue reading

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What Was Your Favorite Part about the Weekend?

Toddler response: Painting my toe nails. (RE)Member? I took a nappy (she did not) and then you woke up and painted my toe nails. That is my favorite part of the weekend. Yes, that was the most exciting thing that … Continue reading

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Summertime Fun

Yesterday, O announced to her school that she was going to England.  And not just as an FYI. More of a bragging type thing. All the teachers were amazed how lucky she is to go traveling so much…. yeah, she’s … Continue reading

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2nd Bake Sale

For the 2nd bake sale I was going all out and making these: Don’t they just look so cute. I would definitely reference the original person with this (plus I have some very serious questions about this technique), but it’s been floating … Continue reading

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