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I Miss My Baby!

I didn’t think it would be so hard. If you remember  few years ago when she went, I was pretty laisez-faire about it.  But this time it’s a lot harder.  I guess because her personally has developed so much, that … Continue reading

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At the Airport

After the tears at the security line, I get a call half hour later: O: Mommy, there are a lot of planes here at the airport. Look, I see one in the air. Me: What colors are they. O: This … Continue reading

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Water Park and Other Stories

Summer came. And with a hot and sticky vengeance  It basically went from using the heat to immediate and necessary air conditioning.  You think I’m kidding. But I’m not.  It literally took 24 hours to switch over. But now, O is really excited … Continue reading

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No Little Prodigy for Us

Over the weekend, we found out the results of the Gifted and Talented test. And according to the New York City Department of Education, O is not a genius. Far from it, maybe an idiot savant. The score wasn’t even … Continue reading

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So Grown Up

This weekend we went to a birthday party. And I have to say, because this blog is mostly about me, my age was shown.  In two ways. First, seeing all the kids grow bigger and bigger. When you see your … Continue reading

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Watching the News

I think I’ve mentioned O’s crush on Charlie Rose.  If not, she does have one.  In the morning, we watch Pat Kiernan of NY1.  But she’s not as fascinated about him. (By the way, did you know that he hosted … Continue reading

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Purple Tinkerbell

Thank goodness that Halloween is not cancelled. Today, her school is having their Halloween party, and with me not being able to make it to work, I will be attending this year’s party. The problem is that I haven’t made … Continue reading

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