Never Tell a Kid Anything

How many times have you found yourself in embarrassing situations because of something you said to your significant other, a friend, a colleague while not paying attention what little ears are listening?  Because quite frankly, the little ears were much too busy doing whatever.

A friend told me a story how her boss who is the head of HR talked to her husband at home why so and so was let go. Only to be given away when the daughter came to work and then spilled the beans on all the employees… AWKWARD!

Like the time we were at the doctor’s office, and the nurse was older and O referred to her as the old lady. I mean she is a lady, she was old, but O didn’t undertand that saying old lady was actually not nice.

Or the time we were walking home from school, and a Hasidic Jew was walking towards us, and she loudly exclaims, Mommy, why does the man have pony tails?

Or the time we were walking down the street, and this teenager who was significantly overweight, I mean should could have been 12. I felt really bad for her. And O tactfully says, in her whisper loud voice, Mommy, why is the girl so fat?  She has a big belly. Maybe she eats too much candy.

Or when we pass our local homeless guy, and she says, Mommy, why is he so dirty?

I could go on. Actually, please share your story.  Foot in mouth disease are kids speciality.

But of all of these, never ever tell her your tentative plans for the weekend. Especially when it involves Grandma and Papa. As she is wont to do, starting Sunday night, she goes into a panic about what we will do the following weekend. DH and I were tossing around the idea of going up to cottage to visit my parents. I say TOSSING!!  I mention to O (just to shut the questions up, and this was mistake 1) that we might be going to see Grandma and Papa. Come Monday morning, I talk to Grandma and she tells me all these crazy construction plans they have for the cottage. In my mind, I’m already thinking, there is no way in hell we are going for a weekend away to relax only to do sheetrocking.  So I mention nothing to Grandma about our trip. DH agrees with me. No way we are going to do construction work.  Not only that, Grandma and Papa are thinking of adding glass sliding glass mirrors replacing perfectly functioning accordion doors for the washer and dryer alcove.  I think they are trying to transform the house into a 1980s paradise.

I digress…

Last night, Grandma calls to talk to O. And the first thing O tells Grandma, we are coming to see you this weekend. DH is like, why did you tell them we were going? I did not tell them, your daughter did!

And as expected, this morning, I have already received 3 emails asking me if we are indeed coming to see them this weekend.

O!!! (Fist raised in air in dramatic fashion!)


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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