Stomping Off

On Monday night, O was getting ready for bed, and she said to me. Mommy, I’m sick. My nose is runny. And I have a cough. (She gave a weaky cough.) Me: Well go to sleep and then in the morning you will feel better. O: No I won’t.  Me: If you still don’t feel well in the morning, I will take your temperature. And if you have a temperature, you can stay home from school. O: Okay (the saddest OK you have ever heard. She should definitely be an actress. Possibly a Shakespearean actress, they are more dramatic.)

The next morning, I go in her room to wake her up.  I ask her if she wants 5 more minutes. O: Yes. I’m not feeling well. You need to take my temperature. Me: Ok. As soon as you come out, I will take your temperature. O: OK (same amount of emotion as the previous night).

I get her in 5 minutes, and I obviously put the thermometer all wrong because when it finally beeps, she has 94.7 degrees.  Obviously she is not sick, but could have hyperthermia.  She asks me expectantly for the result of the all powerful thermometer. Me: Nope. No temperature. She dramatically turns away from me, and throws herself on the pillow and starts to hysterically cry.

O: I don’t want to go to school.  Me: You have to. You go to school to learn, I go to work to make money. O: My teachers are bad. My Friends are bad.  More tears. I let her cry it out and keep saying she doesn’t want to go to school. I finally say, Aren’t you too young to not want to go to school? O: I am four. I’m a big girl. Me: Still too young. This is the fun part of school.

I finally manage to get her fed and dressed, and because there was snow on the ground I told her no stroller.  Which again created some issues.  Then carrying her backback. O: Mommy, it’s so heavy!! (She had her homework notebook and a pair of shoes to change into at school.) Me: Tell you what, you can carry my purse and I’ll carry your backback.  Here, try it out. O: Mommy, it’s too heavy! (And that it is!!)  As she finally makes it to the sidewalk, she stomps off before I take her hand.

I'm sure if we saw her face, she would be a determined little bugger.

I’m sure if we saw her face, she would be a determined little bugger.

By the time, we make it to school, we have already talked about what starts with letter O (the letter of the week.)

When we get home after school, she tells me that tomorrow we don’t go to school because there is no UPK.  I say, that’s true, but your friends from room 2 will be there. More crying. NO THEY WON’T! MISS (teacher) said there is NO UPK!!

Her Dad says, Ok, you can stay home, but Mommy and Daddy have to go to work. We will put the food in the microwave (which is above the oven, so pretty high), and then all you have to do is press number 2, and the food will be ready. O: OK. But what about the TV?  Daddy: You can’t watch TV.  You just stay at home. O: (starts crying) But I can’t reach the microwave!  Daddy: I guess you are going to school tomorrow. O: OK (just as dramatic).

And this morning, she went to school with no problems. She was actually in a good mood when she woke up. WHAT??


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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