Watching the News

I think I’ve mentioned O’s crush on Charlie Rose.  If not, she does have one.  In the morning, we watch Pat Kiernan of NY1.  But she’s not as fascinated about him. (By the way, did you know that he hosted VH1’s The World Series of Pop Culture?  I loved that show. I wish they would bring it back.  It’s like the Trivial Pursuit of pop culture but as a TV show! LOVE IT!) Then at 7 am, we switch over to the CBS Morning Show, which she calls the CBS Sunday Morning.  I watch it for the Eye Opener. It’s great!  And sometimes Gayle King is not on, and O gets really upset about it.  Where is the other girl?  But her main fascination is Charlie Rose.

But this brings me to a point. As a 4 year old, I wonder if it’s a good idea to watch the news?  When the whole Newtown thing happened, we did NOT watch the news. That was too close to home. And how do you explain 7 years olds being killed at a school?  So during that time we did not watch the news until after she went to bed.  On the one hand, I think it’s bad to watch the news. I mean most of the news stories are pretty depressing (except the money ones which are only depressing to her parents, not her as she doesn’t understand). But on the other, why should we shelter her in cartoons only?  I have to say that watching the news has brought on some interesting discussions.

Like about guns. We hope that she will never come in contact with them, but isn’t it better to teach her now that guns are bad and only policemen should have guns. And is she sees one to tell a teacher or a policeman or fireman?

Then we talk about strangers. You don’t talk to strangers, but if you get lost from Mommy and Daddy, you always look for a policeman to tell him or her you are lost, or look for a Mommy with other kids and tell her you are lost.  But you never get in a car (unless it’s a police car).  There are so many rules. And just as I am writing this, what if the car is fake, what if the policeman is a fake???  I guess you hope that the 0.00001% is just that…very very slim chance of that person being bad.

I guess, I just hope that we give her enough common sense to trust her instincts.  A mommy with kids is by far the best choice, but you have to give her options, no?

Ok… I need to stop before I actually lock in her in room until she is 25!

Do you let your preschoolers watch the news? Is it bad or good?  Hard to tell… maybe check back in 10 years.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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