New Adventures

Two weeks ago (which by the way feels like YEARS ago) DH and I went to San Francisco for a friend’s wedding WITHOUT our little “joy of sunshine”. Instead my mother in law (also known as Oma) came from country up north to watch the said “joy of sunshine” for the week. We were gone for 5 days total.  And we had a great time!  We didn’t have to get up early (but DH did because he’s so used to it. I on the other can force myself to stay in bed for hours upon hours… it was brilliant!)  We rented a house with some of his other friends, so it was great because we had kitchen, living room and a back yard.  Even without a kid, this is by far the best alternative when traveling. I will never stay at a hotel! And the beds… the beds were AMAZING!!  I expect from high end hotels, but a rental house, the beds were amazing!  Slept like babies.

Whilst we were galavanting on the steep streets of San Francisco, Oma had her own challenges with the “joy of sunshine.”  When we first left, it was O that left first. Oma took her to school, and we were still at home. So that was planned pretty well.  But with the time change, we kept forgetting to call O before 9 pm her time. Fortunately, she was still up. But every time I talked to her, it broke my heart a little bit that she sounded so sad. Then we would hang up, and our evening just started.  But Oma was great to her! Made her french toast in the morning.  They walked to school together, and looked at the signs.  Talked about Mommy and Daddy.  Took her to park for hours and hours.  They had a movie night after school with different color popcorn.  But I think Oma was stressed out.

On the weekend, Ghema and Papa came and picked up Oma and O to go the mountains. At that point, O ignored Oma and only paid attention to Ghema.  Although O has done this to everyone at one point or another, I’m sure it was really hard on Oma to have her do this. My mom tried, but to no avail. O just wasn’t interested in Oma anymore.

And when we went back to school on Monday, I was told that she didn’t listen a lot at school either. Refused to do her work.  And was just cranky overall.  Even though Oma took her to park for hours on end after school.  But this was the first time we left her at home while she still had to do her routine.

But the rest of the week, she was just as bad.  A lot of talking back. A lot of not listening.  Remember how I said this is a wonderful period of time for us?? Well, that moment has gone.  It is now a battle. Granted I got my period, so I’m already tired, and with a bit of short fuse. But still… A new rule has been instated. From now on, if we hear that she doesn’t listen at school and that she doesn’t listen to Mommy and Daddy, we will not be doing anything fun on the weekends.  No more going to parks and having play dates.  We already have plans for this weekend, but she acts up the same way, she will not be going anywhere. Instead she will stay at home with Daddy and watch football.  Not fun for her!

Hopefully this week it will be a better week.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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