Veggies in the Garden

Our garden is currently out of control. And not only that, the neighbors have now taken to feeding ALL the stray cats in the neighborhood–Front and back of the house.  In the front, she leaves cans under whatever car is parked in front of her house. Dry cat food in near the curb. A few weeks ago, I saw one mama cat with like 4 kittens. I’ve seen the mom since, but no kittens.  Not sure what happened to them.

In the back, we now have I think 5 or 6 cats that frequent her yard and use our yard as their kitty litter.  The mama cat from a few years ago is still around, and so is the daddy cat (both strays), and now there is a creepy looking gray one (this one gets beat up a lot). And I think there is another one. Anyway, it’s disgusting to come and see feathers from an eaten bird and cat shit everywhere.

In addition, we also have the worst mosquito situation.  You can’t step outside without getting attacked.  And these are like mutant mosquito. If you look closely you can see their eyes.  CREEPY! They say that the mild winter we had didn’t kill enough of the eggs, so now we are overrun with mosquitos. Poor O has the sweetest blood.  She gets eaten up. Now she knows that we need to spray her before she goes out. And if they get her, the mosquito bites become these really horrible looking red welts.  And she scratches it, so it doesn’t help.

Because of these issues, we haven’t really maintained the garden. We have planted new flowers and a rose bush to replace the dead Japanese maple.  And the rose bush LOVES it in the sun. I think it’s doubled in size since we planted it. One tomate vine is taking over the rose bush area, so it’s become a hot mess of tomerose. Maybe some cross-pollination will give us a new species of tomatoes.  The cherry tomatoes are coming in gloriously.  They are super sweet and delicious.  O loves going out to help pick them.

But the most insane plant that we have is the zucchini plant DH planted in possibly the worst spot.  It is INSANE!  It is not close enough to fence to start climbing properly, so it’s latching on to the small pepper plant, which is being smothered. It doesn’t have enough sun, so we’ll see what happens. So far we harvested three zucchinis, and if the flowers are any indication of what is to come, we are going to have zucchinis coming out of our asses!  Coworkers have already volunteered to them off our hands. Cause when they come, they will come!  I see at least 4 zucchinis forming so far, and well see what happens.

When I picked the first zucchini and showed it to O, I’ve never see so much excitement! Mommy, how does it do that?  WOW!  She was so excited!  It really makes me happy that she gets to see how food grows and see it come onto the plate!  I don’t know if I would take is as far as seeing where the meat comes from.  That is much too disturbing (for now). I used to spend summers on a farm, and let me tell you when you see a dinner dying in front of you, I can see quickly becoming a vegetarian. (I was 6, so it’s wasn’t a choice… and it was Eastern Europe… Vegetarianism didn’t exist. If you were lucky enough to have food, you ate it no matter what it was.)

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So far I made a salmon with whole wheat pasta and zucchini.  I have to find the link for the recipe. It was delicious!


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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