Marshmallow Pops

A few weeks ago, O’s school announced that they were going to have a bake sale every two weeks to raise money for the Christmas show and various other supplies.  And they made it into a competition, that whichever class raises the most money they win a cupcake party.  Maybe they should make it a fruit party….too much sugar.

As soon as I found out, I started planning. I knew that the kids will probably force the parents into buying the desserts, so it has to be something that appeals to kids.  And of course the first Friday bake sale, we were going away. So for the first one, it had to be something simple.  On Pinterest I found these Marshmallow Pops (so much easier than the cake pops!). I thought PERFECT!

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Now, the post says that’s it’s super easy. Well. I didn’t find it that easy.  A few things to keep in mind when making them:

  • I didn’t use a knife to poke the marshmallows, instead I just poked the candy stick in them, without touching them
  • I kept them in the freezer until it was time to coat them.
  • It’s true. White chocolate is super SUPER sensitive. I did a first batch in the microwave, and I had to throw it out. It gets hard super hard, super quickly. And in the microwave, I couldn’t touch it to feel when it was done. I was told by a coworker she tried the microwave option and for her it worked fine. I used both Ghiradellis and Nestle white chocolate chips, so I am not sure where I went wrong. I ended up heating the chocolate in batches because it kept hardening.  I switched to a double boiler on the stove top. I could keep a better eye on it.  But still I kept having to switch out the chocolate.
  • The chocolate is really thick, so to thin it out, I added Crisco. A trick I learned from making cake pops. The coating becomes much smoother.
  • Since I was doing it in batches, I could change the colors that I used in the chocolate. I ended up doing: white, pink, blue, purple.
  • Because I didn’t make a HUGE bowl of white chocolate, I wasn’t able to coat the whole pop.
  • After coating them, I placed them back in the freezer so the chocolate would harden.
  • After the chocolate was frozen, I placed the candy bag and bow.
  • I kept them in the freezer until they were transported to school.
  • I asked them to keep them in the freezer until it was time to sell them.

Since we left early on Friday, I am not sure how they pops sold. But I will have an update for you tomorrow.

Check back in two weeks to see what new things I will bake for the sale!

List of items used:


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