Snausage Dog V. Cats: Round 78

As you can imagine, the suburban Snausage dog does not fair very well against the stray, rough and tumble, Queens cats.  In fact if they could, the cats would beat the crap out of the snausage dog.  But he is none the wiser, and by far a little stupid, that he just doen’t know when to leave well enough alone.  But you have to admire his spirit and tenacity: Never give up, Never surrender!

Round 60: Incent barking. Cats ignore him. WINNER: declared for the cats.

Round 61: The red cat is sitting on the deck in the morning just waiting. Does the dog see him? Nope!  We open the door, the cat runs, the dog barks. WINNER: Toss up.  But I would say the cat wins by a paw.

Round 62-70: More incent barking. Parents (me and DH and O) yell at him. WINNER: The cats. LOSERS: Me and DH. Too much barking.

Round 71: A cat jumps into our yard, as the Snausage dog is just lingering outside, eating grass. The Cat is quick to notice him. So she runs under the BBQ (yes the same BBQ that she gave birth in last year, two years ago?? Whenever it was). The cat waits. The Dog still hasn’t seen her.  Dog, O and I look at something on the deck, and that’s when the cat runs out, to the back of the yard, and jumps into the safety her own yard.  WINNER: the Cat by A LOT!

Round 72 to 77: More barking.  Cats ignoring him.  WINNER: Cats.

Round 78: Right before bedtime, DH takes the Snausage dog out for last pee.  This one night, he runs out and shockingly, he CORNERS a cat!  I think it caught him off guard too because he tries to get her, but in the end, she manages to escape.  But DH is really proud of him. And Snausage comes in the house with a little bounce in his short little steps. I swear he was also smirking. He was so proud of himself!  WINNER: Finally the DOG!

Overall the major losers in this battle have been: DH, the garden and me in that order. The garden, and hundreds of dollars we’ve spent on flowers have been trampled to no end.  DH’s sanity is slowly leaving him.  But I still think that the Snausage dog has gotten better.  Would I keep him? HELL N-O!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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