Putting the Money Where the Crafty Talk Is

Last year, my Dad celebrate a big birthday milestone.  My sister, also known here as Neena, and I decided to make something fun for his birthday. We got his friends to send us a 30 second video telling us a story about him from childhood. Very few stuck to the time constraint, or sent it by the said deadline. Even with really mean and threatening emails. I guess when you live halfway around the world, a threatening email from your friend’s daughter would hardly get you on the ball. Anyway, I edited the videos, added pictures, put a soundtrack. I was editing the last touches on the movie the day before we left to see him for his birthday. I was in tears…. Dad was surprised, he was in tears as well (but his tears were for different reasons than mine).

This year, my Mom is having a huge milestone birthday. So we are under huge pressure to come up with something as good for my mom. Since usually her milestones follow my Dad’s milestones, she gets the short end of the stick.  I am sad to admit, that with all my crafting talk, I was not the one to come with this idea. Instead, Neena suggested that we do a quilting bee. We email her friends, and ask them to send us a square. Then I will put it together and give it for her birthday.  I freaked out. Since the video, which was less time consuming for people, took them so long to come, and some of my family didn’t even do it, I can’t imagine getting squares from them in a timely fashion. Not to mention that I have to put it all together!!  Neena then suggested that even if we don’t have the whole quilt ready by her birthday, which is in a bit over a month, we can just wrap the squares we have, and then take them away, and put it together when we have everything.  Phew… that is much more manageable.

Neena's First Square

I then proceed to freak out. I’ve never done this before. I went and bought all the quilting supplies (it was a good excuse to finally get the stuff). I got fabric, washed it and ironed it like the books said to do. Then I waited…. Neena then starting sending pictures of her finished squares (BIATCH… she knows how competitive I get…)  So I was under the gun.

Now, thank God the New York Nicks (yes, basketball is involved) and Time Warner Cable worked out their difference and now the games are on TV (Thanks, Jeremy Lin!) Because of this new development, and I am not a basketball fan, I chose this time to go and start my quilting.

My first square... so proud of myself!

After the initial fear of cutting the first strip, and lots of planning, and measuring, and counting, I did it!! I rolled the cut roller over the fabric, and I COMMITTED to my first square!!  Then after this, it was much easier!  And tonight is another basketball game, so I will be working on more squares. If I can churn two a night, I will be good!  I still need some more supplies (stencils and fabric paint) because 4 of the squares will be similar to this pillow.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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4 Responses to Putting the Money Where the Crafty Talk Is

  1. Aunty says:

    No need for competition! Two a night, you must be a machine! I’ve had to slow down my patch making in order to be able to go to work…. On Saturday I was calculating the pythagorean theorem to work out the size of my centre diagonal square
    I too need many more supplies!

    • RidgewoodMom says:

      Don’t worry… I was super ambitious to make two last night. It took me about 45 minutes to just cut the little pieces. Then I kept doing things wrong, and I would have to take it apart and do it again!!

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