O, the Future Downhill Olympic Skier

This weekend, MLK long weekend we had a lovely time!  We took O skiing.  First time on skis. And let’s just say, what we suspected (that she is fearless, loves speed, and danger) are completely true. She absolutely L-O-V-E-D it! I take her to rent her skis and helmet ($28 later), she is equipped to take on the mountain. That is the bunny slope.  I had several fears. One of them being that if the boot didn’t fit the first time, she would not be interested in trying on a larger size. This has been displayed a number of times with new shoes. But I guess this time because she was so exciting about skiing, she didn’t really care about the shoes. I barely put her foot in the boot, and she’s like, It fits, Mommy! At this point, I’m still trying to jam her foot in the boot.  After jamming her foot in there, she still says it fit. If it didn’t fit, well, she didn’t really mind. But I guess it doesn’t yet have to be the best fit since it’s like she’s going down black diamonds or anything.  The helmet, although she wanted a purple helmet (my favorite color, Mommy), I had to fight with her a little bit. It was super big, and the only to somewhat make it fit better was to keep her hat on.

Finally, after what felt like an hour trying to get her suited up, we take her outside.  DH had come down from this two runs on the slope. At first she is super nervous about the snow. Mommy, it’s COLD!!!  Well, once you start moving, you will feel better!  For some reason the line for the ski lift to the bunny slope is like an HOUR!  For me it felt like it took two hours to get started. We decide to walk her up the bunny slope a little bit. I am carrying DH’s skis, and DH is carrying O.  We don’t get very far well, because walking in ski boots is really hard, carrying skis is ever harder, and carrying O who is wearing her boots and skis is REALLY hard!  DH puts her between his legs, and off they go, on O’s first time down the mountain. We get to the bottom and wait with bated breath for her response. Daddy, do it AGAIN!!  And she is laughing!

So we all wait in the hour long line, and go up the ski lift, DH, O, and me and Auntie M. And for some reason, for a family who is obsessed with cameras, I forgot mine at home, and my dad’s TWO batteries both died. Thank goodness, Auntie M. has a video on her blackberry, so there is documentation.  Between DH and I, she was skiing for a good hour and a half. The line for the ski lift almost disappeared. I think all the kiddies went to lunch!  And O had a blast. Her cheeks were red and bright, and she had an awesome time! Her entire response was: Faster, Mommy!!! AGAIN!!

Watch out! I think we might have a gold medal contendor in 2026 for downhill skiing!!! When we asked her, which one do you like better? Speed or going around poles, she answered SPEED!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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