Survived the Holidays

The title is pretty dramatic. It actually wasn’t that dramatic! I was very nervous how O would behave and all the food she was supposed to eat. But it was all for naught!!

But let me start at the beginning.

On the Thursday before, O had her Christmas school recital. DH had to work since we were making our trek north for the holiday.  I wheel her to the church, and as we are almost there, one of her friends sees her, and they start enthusiastically waving to each other.  As our strollers meet, the little boy and her start holding hands. Super cute!!

As her class started coming out, they got on stage and started singing Feliz Navidad, a Santa Claus poem and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.  Let’s just say that O stole the show.  The other kids were singing, but O was into it. She was singing (screaming!!) dancing, doing her choreographed routine.  She was the STAR! I mean, I know I’m her mommy and I would be bragging about her no matter what, but seriously, I have videos of what a star she was.  One of the teachers tapped me on the shoulder and said to me, O is the star!

In the land up north, O behaved herself, and ate all her food. Granted it took a long time, but she ate it. She ate chicken duck and chicken ham, and chicken pork minced pie, and she loved every chicken goodness of it! She said Thank you to her Oma, and played with DH’s aunt, and dominated her three older cousins, who were really sweet to her.  Including when her youngest cousin, who is a boy and is 9, volunteered to take her to the bathroom, and then closed the door on her as she was in the toilet.  Let’s just say she did not take kindly to being left alone.

First we set it up by using this great website, where you put your kid’s information and then Santa sends a video to the child. O watched it and you could tell that when the Santa said her name, her eyes almost popped out of her head. You could see the wheels in her head turning about all the naughty things that she did. And he knew exactly where she was…. that she wasn’t at home.

We had the real Santa come as well.  The kids got a quick glimpse of him, as he ran to the back porch to drop the presents.  And he ate his cookies and drank his milk that was previously left there by O and DH’s aunt.  Santa was her husband dressed with a red gortex jacket, and an impromptu beard that was made that night by me and DH’s aunt.

And to my surprise, O insisted on taking turns to open presents. First her, then each of her cousins, then Mommy, then Daddy….etc.  She got sooooo many presents.  She was opening for two days. And so much playdo, she won’t run out of it for at least a month (HA!!).  She got Hungry Hungry Hippos as well as this new Squirrel game, which I highly recommend.  She was pretty good about playing properly and taking turns including being OK when you take her acorns away.  The first few times she threw a tantrum, but we quickly stopped playing so she learned to play by the rules.

But of all the presents she got, she has been asking for a Barbie.  I mean, her wish list at school was Barbie. She was telling me about Barbie for a whole month. DH and I discussed, she already had a Barbie (not from me, but somewhat inappropriately given to her when she was 2 months old). Anyway, and she wasn’t all that interested in playing with it to dress it. She was mostly naked, and given a bath a lot.  And then today when we got home, I had a present sent from one of my colleagues. I had her open it and it was a BARBIE!!  She declared this was the BEST present ever!  And her favorite present EVER.  We played up saying that she got it because Santa knew she was a good girl, so she has to be really good this year so she can get the present she wants from Santa.  A little disappointing that the Playdo (one of the gifts we got her, and she got more playdo from DH’s cousins) was replaced by Barbie… but we were looking for a way to make Santa’s-watching bit longer than Dec 24th.  So now we have the proof that Santa is WATCHING all year long.  O, we have your number!

Happy New Year!


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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