O’s Favorite Letter Is….

The Letter P.  Not sure why.  None of her names, including last names has a P.  But it’s been confirmed.

We had a parent-teacher conference with her preschool teachers.  The first page they marked what skills she has. Like cleaning up after herself (ALWAYS), listening to the teacher (sometimes), pays attention at circle time (sometimes), and the 2nd page was more of the learned skills, like letters and numbers.  I was actually surprised to see that some of the letters I know she knows were not circled. Which just shows you that standardized tests don’t work.  But they both said, P by far is the easiest letter for her to identify.  Ppp-pp, she sounds out.

She sees her name everywhere, and mostly she gets the first letter correct, but after that, it’s O-A-D-T-K-Y.  Not even close! I started putting letters on stuff in her room. We are doing the exercise together. So far she has identified B for Bed, t for table, c for chair, d for door, t for toy, c for cat (no we didn’t glue a letter on a real cat.  Rather on her toy cat.)

She’s not so hot at identifying shapes. So for Christmas, I think we are going to get her these shape puzzles.  She’s OK with the numbers. But apparently, circle time is the most challenging for her. No attention span.  On Thursday, she bluntly told the teacher, I don’t want to do Circle Time. Ok, O, then do you want to sit in the corner by yourself? Yes!  she declares. So she spent circle time alone on a chair in the corner.

I think we have to continue going to story time at bookshops just so she gets used to paying attention!

About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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One Response to O’s Favorite Letter Is….

  1. f*rtigova says:

    obviously p’s her favorite letter because of poopoo and peepee!

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