Mommy, I Want My Party to Come

After three weeks of pure torture, Mommy, I want my party to come. Mommy, when is my party. We have to WAIT!  Fortunately, Friday morning finally showed up.  They were having a party for her at school, but I didn’t mention it…well because I didn’t want to deal with the questions. And I though it would be completely unfair for the teacher to have to go through the whole Waiting game.

Friday morning, we find ourselves drinking coffee and warm milk (you can figure out who had what), when I mention to O, tomorrow is your party. Yey, Mommy! Yey!  First I have to sleep, then my party will come.  That’s right, first we go to sleep, then the next morning will be your party.  Ok, Mommy, good night! And she grabs her bottle to head to her room.  I start laughing. Oh no, O! You have to go to school, come home, have dinner, then go to sleep. You can’t go to sleep now. It won’t make the party come any faster.

Finally the end of day comes. We go pick her up from school, and she’s wearing her birthday crown. Mommy, MOMMY!! I’m the birthday girl! I’m the birthday girl!  At home we talk about the party tomorrow, and I ask her if she will help me make her cake tonight?  Yes, Mommy, I want to help. The help was minimal especially since making tea and cake out of playdo is much more fun.

Saturday morning couldn’t come fast enough.  She wakes up, Mommy, my party is today! Yey! And jumps up and down on the bed.  The morning was super hectic!  I had to finish making the icing and assemblying the cake. And for some reason no matter how clean I try to keep the place, the dust bunnies always find a way back onto the floor.

Auntie R slept over and helped with the cake pops the night before and DH with the sandwiches the morning of. By the time the first guest arrived, we had just pulled ourselves together.  O was dressed with pig tails, I was presentable, Papa finished swiffering the floors, DH just placed all the sandwiches on the table and I just put on deodorant.  YEY for us!

By the way, the theme of the party was Monster Theme, like Monster Mink. Pictures to come!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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