Toddler Social Mine Fields

I am happy to announce that O has now made priends at chool. No more bowling balls in the eye or awkward sad moments before going to sleep.  But just because she has priends, there is still the one kid who will forever give her problems.  Maybe he hasn’t developed the proper social skills yet.  It turns out that Martin (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent) is not very nice.  The other day, O was having a really hard time letting me go.  Because it was raining, she wore her ladybug wellies. The ladybug wellies had little antenna sticking out of the boot. In a fit of anger, a few months ago, she ripped one of the antennae out, so she was left with three.  Well, Martin was walking by her, and he ripped the other three. As soon as I pick her up from school, she tells me how Martin pulled them out and that he is not nice to her. Then she continues telling me how we don’t put crayons in our mouth, and Martin always does, and the teach puts him in time out, and and and and (when she is searching for how to expresses herself, she repeats the word until her thoughts are ready to come out) We have to wait for my party.  WAIT! (I know… not related at all, but it’s a true story).

But please, do pity her. Look at the poor baby who can’t stand up for herself! Don’t worry, she is quite the trouble maker.  When she was at Titi’s house, there were two other girls with her, Nanna and Jazzy.  Nanna and O were best of friends. Jazzy had the short end of the stick, and was normally on the outs.  Well, one day they were at the Laundromat, and Jazzy was playing by herself away from the other two, and the other two were running around in center around the machines in the middle of the Laundromat.  They ended up running towards each other, and smacked straight into each other. O’s head reached Nanna’s eye just right.  As they started crying, Jazzy ran over to see what happened, then Titi reached them. She asked, what happened?  O right away, pointed to Jazzy and said, she did it!  Titi asks Nanna, and Nanna says, She did it, pointing to Jazzy. Poor Jazzy got into so much trouble.  By the afternoon, as Nanna’s eye was becoming black, Titi got the sense that the two were not telling the truth.  Jazzy kept insisting she didn’t do anything, and Nanna was awfully quiet.  Finally, Titi asks O, O, what happened?  Who hit you?  She sighs heavily, and says, Ok, we did it. And then tells her story. But for a whole 6 hours, she let Titi believe that Jazzy did it.

So see, she’s not all innocent.  She can be quite the trouble maker, just like Martin.  This is a true story. Titi recapped the story for me months later.  It was by far the most entertaining thing ever. And no, the story was not retold in front of O. She is much too smart, and would totally get that we were enjoying the story rather than disciplining her for lying.


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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