Tick or Teat

Our first official Halloween came and went. Obviously they talked about it at school, because she knew all about it. I don’t think she expected as much candy as she got, but I guess that is something she will remember for next year.  The week before I explained that she will be a princess for Halloween (hence the tutu I made for her). She was meant to wear a flower crown that she loved that my sister in law made for her. However, the day before Halloween, she declares, I no want to be a princess. I want to be a pumpkin. Well, dear it’s too late to make demands on costume changes.

The morning of Halloween, she was super excited. The tutu was the first thing she put on.  But instead of the crown, she wanted to wear her googly eyes headband. I could not get her out of it. At school the teacher already had the camera out.

We came to pick her up early to take her out for her first trick or treat.  The first house we stop was a little unfortunate because there was an old man in a wheelchair and his home care worker. He was obviously very pleased to have the kids come for candy (our neighborhood as in most places in the City, kids don’t go trick or treating at houses instead they go to the stores…super lame!  Sam, next year we are coming to your house! We just invited ourselves over!!)  Well, O didn’t do so well. She got scared either of the old man, the wheelchair, or the whole concept. But never fear, she liked getting the candy.

We only managed to go to three more houses because she was clearly getting tired, and probably coming down from the sugar high.  The last three houses she actually said, Tick or teat!  And one of the ladies asked her, What are you dressed as?  She answers, I am O!  Smart cookie. I say, you are princess! No, I A GIANT!!  And there you have it.

After dinner she got a twizzler, and then went to sleep.  Next year, I think she will be much more into it!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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4 Responses to Tick or Teat

  1. tartetitou says:

    Tick or Teat!!! Love it!!!!

  2. Sam says:

    Let her be a princess everyday surely? Get some use outta that costume! You are more than welcome to come tick or teat next year! I was gonna write this year off as the girls were not interested in even looking at their costume for the numerous halloween themed events we had during the week, UNTIL they saw kids dressed up at our door saying trick or treat and getting chocolate. Only then, did they happily put on the costume, including the silly hat and happily say trick or treat, thank you and goodbye to every house we hit up, which was about 30 houses in the end. Turned out to be one of my fondest memories with the girls thus far :o)

    • RidgewoodMom says:

      Chocolate or Candy always does it. The only thing that kept O going was indeed the candy she was getting. She was not shy about taking all of that! Glad to hear that you had fun with them in the end! It’s the highs in between the low, low valleys that makes it worth it in the end!

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