First I need to credit Auntie R for technically providing me with the title for my recent post. Last night at the concert she reminded me (politely) that I did not credit her for her creativity. Thank you, Auntie R, for always being creative!

Last night was the first time I saw Erasure in concert, and I was fully expecting him to come out in the infamous Cactus suit that Leena and JeannieBean have been going on and on about for years (when they first saw them while in high school). Alas, he disappointed me in that aspect of the concert. But that was the only one.  Everything else about it was fantastic!  The venue was great; standing room only, so everyone was dancing. And it brought me back to seeing Blur at the Troc way back when, but with slightly more grays and wrinkles.  But this also brought up some really strack differences between me at 18 and me at 3osomthing 29.

  1. Too much baggage. At this age, you need your 10 million keys (to the house, to the car, to the office, to the garage, to your parents’ house because you don’t know if the you will have an emergency that will require you to get on the bus and drive 3 hours away to deal with the said emergency). Gigantic wallet (credit cards, too much change, maybe some cash, tons of receipts). Make up case (you can’t look your best without the make up case).  Several pens (because the pens at the bank NEVER ever work). Notebook (to make lists, write inspirations).
  2. While in high school, we probably would have arrived at the venue an hour before the doors opened, set ourselves up in the front row by the stage, watched the opening band play, and basically waited around for 3 hours just to see Erasure from the front row.  This time, we sat our asses down at a restaurant, had a bottle of wine and some good food, showed up half an hour before Erasure started, and had an OK view of him from stage right. That way we were close enough to make it out of the place as soon as it was over.
  3. Older and wiser. Now, we could purchase alcohol. And although we could, we were much too cheap to pay $7 for watered down beer. We work much too hard for the money. Plus we had just polished off a bottle of wine.  Any more and would have been on the floor.
  4. Too many people touching. Regarding point 2. I couldn’t imagine moving closer to center stage at any point. There were way too many people touching. And I had too much baggage as well.
  5. Instead of lingering, trying to meet the band, we made a beeline for the exit, and started dreading the 1 hour commute home.
Don’t get me wrong!  My feet ache today from so much dancing, and I lost my voice from belting the songs out at the top of my lungs.  Thanks for the memories!

About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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