Going to Cool

On Monday, O started a new preschool.  It’s a daycare that has advance learning meaning that is more classroom environment.  They are required to do projects and they take field trips during the summer to the zoo, aquarium and other such fun places!  In the fall they will start ballet lessons and tae kwan do.  I don’t know if O needs to learn how to kick people’s butts, but it might be a good discipline technique to learn patience and follow through.

For weeks now, we have been chatting up how you are starting school, and she was very exited about starting “cool”.  We’d be watching a show with kids going to school, and she would ask, Mommy, can I do that? Can I go to cool, pease!  Super cute!  So Monday comes. I talked up school ALL freaking weekend. I was sick of hearing my own voice on this topic.  And this cool is nearby, so we take the stroller (no more bus).  We walk, and talk about it. She’s very VERY excited.  We get to the cool, and we walk in. There are two teacher there, and one other little girl.  The teacher and I go over the rules. I give her my bag of things I was told to bring.  Then we all go into the classroom. O asks to paint. The teacher says OK.  She says to O, Why don’t you sit down here at the table, (O does), and I will get you the paint. What color do you want?  O thinks for a little bit, then declares, PINK!  The teacher asks her to take her hand so they can go to other room, and O does, and they go in the classroom and paint.  O doesn’t even look back at me.  I was so proud of her!

I pick her up after work. And she proudly declares that she had pun today!  YEY!

But then Tuesday comes… The morning, she tells me she no longer wants to go to cool.  Well, we have to go, so we get dressed, and we get to cool.  Once there, she learned from her mistakes the day before, and won’t let me out of her sight.  After sitting down with her a bit, the teacher and I work out to say that my phone is ringing. And I get up go leave, and she is on me like glue.  The teacher has to pull her off me, as I close the door, and I hear the tears.  I just run out.  She’ll be fine. It’s only the 2nd day.

When I pick her up, she is all excited to show me her new projects that she was working on.  The teacher informs me that she didn’t take a nap, to which I said, I’m not surprised. She implies that I should try to get her on a nap schedule, and I let her know that I have been trying for years, and it doesn’t work.  I am hoping that once she sees the other kids sleeping she might get back into napping.

As we walk home, she declares that she doesn’t want to go to cool, but wants to go to Titi’s house.  I tell her that she is a big girl, and big girls go to school. I not a big girl (tears and sniffles).  We get home, go through our evening trauma of force feeding her. But since the preschool doesn’t feed them dinner, she is actually hungry, and so far she has eaten if not everything a lot of what I have put in front of her. (YEY)  Then bedtime…. Since I am still trying to get her out of the habit of holding my hand while she falls asleep, it’s been hard.  Tears and more tears.  Last night, as she is laying bed and telling me she doesn’t want a nappy, and doesn’t want to lay in her bed, she changes tactics.  She starts again with I no wanna go to cool!  I explain (again) about big girls, etc. Then probably the saddest thing I’ve heard from her, she tells me, I have no priends (friends)!  My heart melts. I run to her, and hug her, and tell her she will make friends. I kiss her tears stained cheeks.  I ask her, What about Jennifer, don’t you want to be friends with Jennifer (she’s a little girl that is at the day care at the same time that O arrives, not her real name)?  I no wanna be priend with jenniper!  Oi!  I know I have to give it time, but it’s hard to hear her so sad. And so concerned about her social situation!  She’s 2-1/2!!!!

This morning, same thing. I no wanna go to cool!  But as we walk there, she declares, Look, Mommy, I not crying. I a big girl. I am hopeful that this morning’s drop off will be less traumatic.  She shows me where to put the stroller, we color together, she goes peepee, and then the teacher does the same thing about the phone ringing. I am just about to step out of the door, when a little boy yells, Look, your mommy is leaving!!  Freaking kid!  She freaks out, and starts crying!!!

Maybe today is the day she makes new friends!


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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