It’s So Hot

It’s so hot…I mean SOOOOO hot here today (again) that you are briefly relieved as you walk down the stairs to the depths that is the subway because there is shade.

It’s SOOOOO hot that you look forward to the oncoming subway train to come, so at least you get that disgusting breeze to circulate the hot air into a oven type feeling. I think that’s how a pie feels like baking in an oven. Except this the platform at 23rd street…. and I am not a pie.

It’s SOOOOO hot that even the skinny grils’ thighs are rubbing together and chafing from the heat. (Note: I am not one of the said skinny girls)

It’s SOOOOO hot that when you walk out of the air conditioned house/ office building you get slapped in the face by the heat.

It’s SOOOOO hot that this morning I thought was freaking hot. But now it’s noon, and your lungs can extract enough Oxygen from the air to work properly.

It’s SOOOO hot that I am jealous of the homeless man washing himself in the fire hydrant.  Bastard and his cool water!

It’s SOOOO hot that even in the skimpiest outfit I could still deem appropriate for work is still to much clothing on.

It’s SOOOO hot the sweaty baby (O) was sweating two seconds into her walk to the bus stop.

It’s SOOOOO hot that the air conditioner was at 72 degrees all night, and only by 6 am did the room feel cool enough to be considered 72 degrees. (Scared of the electric bill this month)

It’s SOOOOO hot that this morning I devoured my yogurt.  Because it was cool. And it felt nice going down my throat. I couldn’t tell you what it taste like because I didn’t stop to give my taste buds a change to catch up.

It’s SOOOOO hot that I can’t wait to get the FUCK OUT OF DODGE!

It’s soooo fucking hot!  Poor bastards living in Texas. I feel like I am in the Perrier commercial.  And God bless my co-worker who just volunteered to go pick up our lunch order (too cheap to have it delivered).


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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