Boys Will Be Boys

Having a little girl, hanging out with little boys is a completely different. I never thought that the Y chromosone makes such a difference but it really does.

Forth of July weekend, we spent it with my girlfriends and their families.  One girlfriend is trying to convince her husband that she’s not getting any younger and it’s time for le bebe.  Baby C’s first evening spent crying bloody murder might have set her back at least another year.  It wasn’t Baby C’s fault. He was in a new place.  No night light. He was out of his element.  The next night, he had no problem. It was also possible that O ran him ragged and Snausage dog trying to smell his ass and hump his leg also tired him out.

But I digress… Baby C is 15 months old and super cute.  He eats like a little piglet.  As his mom put stuff on his plate, he just freaking inhaled it.  And Snausage dog realized quickly that hanging by Baby C’s high chair, food will inevitable fall. Either by accident or on purpose as Baby C took it upon himself to give Snausage dog a his dinner… off his plate.  I was so jealous. He ate guacamole!! GUACAMOLE people!! I have to beg, BEG O to even consider putting an avocado in her sight, forget about touching her lips.  Point 1: Boys eat anything!!

Point 2: The like sticking objects in other objects.  So far, O has not broken any major appliance. She did one time try to sit on the dish washer door when it was open.  But nothing happened, and we told her not to do it again, and she hasn’t. Boys seem to be completely different. His favorite activities included walking around with car keys (which we had to keep our eyes on just in case some is stuck at the cottage indefinitely because of lost keys) and also taking blocks and trying to stick them in the VCR.  His mom or dad would say, No, No, and shake the finger. And the face, MY GOD, the face he made was priceless. It was a combination of Moi??  I am not doing anything wrong. You can not be possibly talking to meee… His parents should really really try to get a picture of him doing this face.  Super cute. Oh yeah, and he already broke their printer.

Point 3.  Very curious.  O was curious, but not like him.  He was fine with strangers, not always hanging on his mom’s leg. O, on the other hand, is such a Mamma’s girl.  For like a two years, I couldn’t do anything without an audience. I still have to create the bathroom boundary where I can use the facilities in peace.  Baby C was just amazing how confident and curious he was.

This weekend, we again spent the weekend with a little boy. He is 1 year old.  And he is a crawling machine.  He is so so fast.  He is on the move all the time.  And he LOVES sticking stuff in his mouth. Baby P was all about the beach. Nothing scared him.  It took us two years for O to become a Blue Mermaid (as she calls herself when she is swimming).

Getting back to the food, we bought a box of macaroons. We’ve never had macaroons, but I’ve heard (read) so much about them that I had to finally try them.  O picked the really bright pink one (raspberry) since it’s her favorite color.  She puts it down in disgust.  Baby P on the other hand tries a little of the vanilla, and he can’t get enough.  He starts crying and waving his arms trying to get his little hands on the rest of the of the piece. O ate a bit of the wafer…but that’s it.

The thing that O has outdone both boys in is talking. Ok, so Baby P can’t talk yet, but she was never the quiet time. Even when she couldn’t make words, she would just chat away in her language for hours!!

I think O could do with a little boy influence!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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