Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

If a girlfriend called today at 6:30 pm letting me know she’s thinking of having a kid, I would have said, Don’t be crazy. RUN away from this as fast as you can. Go on a month trip if you want a change. Just don’t get pregnant.  The day was being filed mentally in the Pull Your Hair Out section of my life.

When picker her up from day care, the first two minute interaction with her will pretty much indicate how the rest of the evening will progress.  Happy O, happy family evening. Cranky O, Awful gray-hair-making hour. If the latter occurs, I shorten the interaction time with her by making bath time as long as possible.  Do the unthinkable and watch Abby AND Elmo. And considering now, fast forwarding between Abby and Elmo segments is strictly forbidden, so the whole Elmo watching turns into at least half hour.

From the second we picked her up at day care today, she was annoying.  She blew raspberries at us. She screamed, Lea me alone!  She said MMMM (her latest disrespectful thing). She turned her head away from us indigently.  She out right ignore us. I was counting down the minutes to bedtime. Bath time took an extra 10 minutes because even though she fought me going in, she really liked it.

We stuck only to Elmo and the segment right before Elmo so only like 25 minutes of TV, then it was time for bed. There was already friction over the new book because she was just ignore everyone around her.  I finally take her in, read her book and turn off the light.  The baby got thrown out of bed and replaced with the Francat, then immediately thrown out as well.  I pretty much just tired to ignore her.

Then Mother Nature, literally, interfered. A huge thunder bolt sounded, and the rain and wind was blowing, so I helped DH close the windows in the house. O ran out and looked out the window, and was happily commenting on the rain. Mommy, it’s raining. We can’t go to park…… OH NO! Common rain!  She was a completely transformed child. It was like the previous obnoxious toddler just…. pooof… disappeared. Replaced with a funny, cute, loving toddler.

We think she was really excited about being up past her bedtime.  But bedtime had to come… and Pierre lulled her to sleep. As she clenched my hand for dear life. Finally she drifted off to sleep, and I was free… an hour later than normal. But free.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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