Challenges of Buying Shoes

You’d think buying shoes for toddlers can’t be that challenging. I mean, as long as they look comfortable, and they fit, you’ve done your job.  I’ve found out that with O, I have, maximum two tries to get her foot in the shoe, otherwise it’s a no go on the shoe… FOREVER! Even if I think she will really get a lot of use out the shoe, if it was originally rejected, her foot will never go into the offending shoe.  Sometimes the error is my fault when putting the shoe on her foot. I either have not widen the strap enough, so her foot gets stuck–shoe REJECTED!  Sometimes, O is just plain old stubborn. A flower, a color, a shoe lace is just in the wrong place–shoe REJECTED!

Last winter, I got her a really cute pair of crocs, pink with fur lining. I mean, they are freaking pink! I thought it would easy for her to slide her foot in them, and take them out.  What could she possibly find wrong with them. Because she wasn’t with me, I had the length of her foot at the ready in store, and purchase the pink crocs. I take them home, and ask O to try them on.  Had to fight her a little bit on it (that should have been my first clue), but she finally gives in, and she puts her foot in. I push her foot in, to make sure it fits. I barely touch the shoe, and she starts screaming, Too tight, Mommy, too tight!! tears start streaming down her face.  Are you sure, I ask?? Of course she’s sure, but is it true?? Anyway, I do not find out the answer. So the next day, I make the trek back to the croc store, and exchange them for a larger size. The “helpful” sales lady says to me, as she is ringing me up, Yes, because of the fur, they run a little tight.  Great! Now I know. I already have a suspicious feeling that the shoes have been rejected forever, but I am hopeful, that the pinkness of the shoe, and the fur will win her home. So I bring the larger shoes back, and I present them to my darling daughter. She gives them one quick glance, and responds, Too tight, Mommy. Oh, these are new ones. These are a bigger size. You want to try them on?  No, Mommy, TOO TIGHT!  I try to grab her foot to put her foot in there. She starts squirming, screams like I am trying to burn her alive, and I know I have lost the battle.  She will never ever wear these crocs.  Her Auntie Lee takes them back to the store a few weeks later, and gets her own pair of crocs.  At least someone is enjoying the crocs.

It’s hard to know what turns her off on a pair of shoes. My mom bought her this pink pair of boots, and she just did not like them. They were super pink, and they were kind of cute (not my style).  But she has never, ever worn them. They are still in her closet. They will soon be donated, so another, hopefully less picky, girl can enjoy them.

Two weeks ago I bought her a pair Target Crocs (not to be confused with the real crocs which are $20 more expensive), purple, and I present them to her. She LOVES them.  They are easy to take on and off. And she wears them all the time.  Unfortunately, just like her mother, she too will never be able to buy a pair shoes that won’t actually hurt her feet. So on the side of her foot she has a nice booboo where the strap meets the shoe.  Lots of band aids later, we now have to wait for the booboo to heal before putting them on. And I wonder if I will be able to get her back in those shoes.

Back at Target this weekend, (I KNOW, DON’T JUDGE ME!) and in the shoe aisle, I try to find another pair of shoes, that won’t look like it will it will eat her foot raw.  I find several cute pairs, that she too approves, but alas they are too small.  Then I locate this one that has an adjust strap along the front, an adjustable strap along the back so I think this would be perfect. My mistake is not to loosen EVERY part of the shoe before putting her foot in it.  It is clearly a little big, but just enough to maybe use next year.  But the foot doesn’t go in smoothly, Mommy, too tight. It’s not, I respond. Let me adjust the strap. I hand it back to her, but she does not want it.  Too tight, MOmmy!  It’s not. I no want it!  I put them in the cart anyway.  She, however, finds every freaking Dora and Princess shoe in the whole place and hands them to me, regardless of the size. The kicker is she hands me a pair of gold ballerina slippers, and says, I buy these. Yeah, I don’t think so. And I put them back.  Fortunately, she doesn’t make fuss about it.

So what’s the status of the shoes?  Well, they are still by the coat rack, tags still on, and she has yet to put them on.  I refuse to take the tag off if she is never going to wear them. I think they will be perfect for running in the park, at Grandma’s house, in the back yard.  I hope I can put her foot in it soon.  Otherwise, they will not be the next pink boots.

Oh she did pick out a Mermaid t-shirt and a matching yellow princess (skirt).  I tried to put them on a rack away from her, but she noticed, and promptly took the hangers in her hand, and refused to put them down.  She even eyed the sales lady suspiciously when she scans her items.  But Monday morning, she wore her mermaid shirt. No princess yet.


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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2 Responses to Challenges of Buying Shoes

  1. Sam says:

    Ugh! I give up on shoes. My girls will only wear pink/white sneakers. This summer I managed to get them to wear their target crocs (which we now own in nearly every color as it’s the only things they will wear). I think the charms and the fact they could put them on themselves helped. But I also bought them pretty pink, white, and brown sandals (I tried lots of colors and different styles) at target and these were rejected without even putting them own. I managed to strap one on to a child and the child lay thrashing her leg around til she kicked it off. Don’t get me started on boots, those are DEFINITELY not allowed in this house :o(

    • RidgewoodMom says:

      What is it about shoes??? Are they as picky with their clothes??
      Well, you won’t believe it, but this morning DH got her to put the shoes on, and she liked them. He told her that we are going to give them to another little girl who wants them. Then she wanted them too. Pain in the arse!!

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