I Did IT!

The last few weeks, O has been going peepee in the potty at day care… at Grandma’s house, but never with me. Sometimes she would randomly ask to go sit on the the toilet (no, not on the fancy potty she has, but only the toilet) and she sits for a few minutes, then she’s like, I’m done.  Once in a while she tries to pass it off as I did it, Mommy.  Oh no, you didn’t.  Then she tries to get the stickers even though they were not earned.

The last few morning she has also been asking to put panties on.  Me, thinking that she is refering to big girl underwear, I tell her, I’m sorry, Booby, but you can only wear panties when you go peepee in the potty.  Oh, ok, Mommy.  And each morning she keeps asking.  Finally on Saturday morning, before I change her morning diaper, she runs in her closet and pulls out a pull up. Mommy, PANTIES!!!!!!!! And she shoves them in my face. Oh, a light bulb goes on, that’s what he means by panties. OK, O, let’s put on panties.  YEY!!  She claps.

And so we are off to the West Village using the public transport. Almost two hours later, we finally meet Auntie R and K for brunch.  While we were eating, O comes up to me and says, Mommy, I want to go potty.  I obviously have to take her, and overcome my concerns of public bathroom.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a McDonalds so the bathroom was clean. I put some toilet paper on the seat, and I plopped her on there.  We sit and wait.  She clearly trying really hard, trying to push the pee out, because she lets out a little fart.  Then the pee hits the water and her face just lights up. Mommy, I peepee!!  Good job, O!!  She finishes, I wipe her, and she jumps up and down.  We wash hands, go out to see K and Auntie R, where she loudly announces, I DID IT! I went peepee!!!!!!  So the whole restaurant knows that she went pee!

After the visit to the High Line that was absolutely filled with people, we make it to 30th street, where they have the Rainbow City at the Lot.  These gigantic balloons, that you can push around. They are attached to strings on the ground. O had almost fainted when she saw the huge balloons.  She pushed them, and ran from one to the other.  In the middle of the space, they had one of those bouncy rooms, where kids just jump around.  The guy who was controlling the number of kids that went in says to me, She’s kind of small, pointing at O. If you want to go in there with her, you can. It’s kind of dark in there.  I kinda of don’t want to go in there, but O was super excited about the prospect of going in. She took her shoes off and everything, waiting her turn (not so patiently).  Well her turn comes, and as the guy turns to me to tell me to go in with her, she is up and trying to climb in by herself. I guess, she doesn’t need you, he says to me. No, no, young man, she is much too grown up to wait for me, I think in my head.  She jumps and jumps around. A 6 year old girl comes crying out, but not my O. She stays in there the whole 3 minutes, jumping around.  And when it’s time to come out, she does.  No fights, no tears. Mommy, MOMMY, I had so much pun there!!! I am so happy, O!

I force feed her water, and then we make our trek back home via public transport. An hour and half later, we get home.  45 minutes later, she asks to go potty again. So we sit on the toilet, and we wait.  She concentrates.  The suddenly, she yells, COME OUT PEE!!!  YOU NO LISTEN, PEE!! COME OUT!!  So cute, she is mad at the pee for not coming out.  This time it didn’t come out. But soon after, we go back and sit down, and she goes pee. And she earns a sticker, which she proudly puts on her Dora chart.

Such a big girl!

Now, how do you deal with your child going peepee in public places?  Is there something you can buy to put on the toilet? I dread the time when she wants to go pee, and the only available toilet is a nasty gas station bathroom. GROSS!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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4 Responses to I Did IT!

  1. Aunty says:

    That’s so cute how excited she’s got!

    • RidgewoodMom says:

      You should see how mad she gets the pee when it doesn’t want to come out. And the little fart that comes out when she is pushing…cute!

  2. Sam says:

    I hear that there are fold up, re-usable, plastic toilet seat covers….http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3518178

    I hear good things about them, let me know if you get it and if it works, I think the watches look pretty cool too.

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