Prepping for the Big Day!!

No, not an anniversary, that already passed. Obviously not my wedding. But my bosses great big wedding this weekend.

His whole family from Ireland are coming, and the hat talk started a few months ago. I guess I should have taken up the challenge awhile ago. Then the Royal Wedding brought on even more hat talk. And those women had some fabulous hats.  If I had that kind of money, I would probably be able to find the best hat EVER.  I thought about it, but it comes down to I just don’t think I’m a hat wearing kind of person.  I looked at buying online (too risky), I work on the Lower East Side so I should be able to find a hat place. Well the LES is not what it used to be, so all the local milliners are long gone from here; now it’s just trendy expensive shops.  Plus my dress is a bit unique, and it has to be just the right hat. A few nights ago I had a dream that I found the perfect hat for the wedding, but then it ended up being $200 almost twice the cost of the dress. I was sad, but had to pass it up.

Anyway, the prepping for the wedding started feverishly two weeks ago.  First I got a hair cut, which I was in badly need of one. The last cut was last September.  Now I have a trendy, graduated bob. I think I’ve had a better cut but since I am going back to her in September, I have my comments for her so next time it will be even more perfect.

Last week, I started a regiment of applying foot lotion to my in-badly-need-of-some-TLC feet.  I would highly recommend this lotion, (link to follow because I am having a brain fart). It’s is a bit more greasy than I expected, but it has worked magic on my heels.  They are no longer the heels of an 65 year old Eastern European babushka.  Thank GOODNESS!

We also ended up dropping off the dry cleaning of the dress and the suit and shirts.  So we won’t stink of our last wedding.

Yesterday, I went and I got a pedicure. Also the first professional pedicure I had since last September.  And along with my newly rejuvenated heels, I feel like a million bucks! At least my feet do.

Also last night, I finally pulled out the box of Garnier Fructice #30 hair coloring to cover up the many, many, many grays I have.  And since DH hates doing it, I had to do it myself.  I did have to ask for his help when I forgot to put vaseline around the hair line, and I found a huge dark brown splotch on my forehead. But I over all I think I did a fair enough job.  It colored some of the grays, but since I have so many, a lot of grays are just slightly darker, not fully hidden. I don’t blame the box; I blame my mom. She has very stubborn grays as well.

Then today I am going for my second laser removal treatment on the bikini line. I know no one will see it, so I hardly count this as prepping for the wedding.  A few comments after the first session, the hair did come in more sparsely, so definitely worth it. However, I did notice that on the right side, I don’t think she went over it enough, so I am going to ask her to spend more time on that.  On the left side, I think after the 3rd session, I think I will be set for the summer.  I’m going to ask her to do part of the top as well. If you want to know if it’s worth it, I say ABSOLUTELY!!! Maybe at Christmas time I treat myself with the full bottom part of leg. How fabulous would that be???? And how expensive???

Still to do: Find jewelry, maybe a hat, and maybe do my manicure….

The grandparents are coming to take O up to the cottage on Friday afternoon, and we area having a romantic lunch in Baltimore on the way to the fabulous wedding. I already prepped DH on his responsibilities for the wedding: A. Make sure I eat. B. Make sure I drink water. C. Make sure that he can carry me back to the hotel. I don’t think that is too much to ask??

UPDATE: I bought a HAT, people!!! The dress is at the dry cleaner, so I am not sure if it will match, but I got a hat! And not for $100, but for $15 at Loehmans.  All paid in CASH!!


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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