Long Time No Speak

Sorry that I haven’t been around, but have been pretty busy at work, and when I come home, I just pass out. And I have been coming home late, so I haven’t really seen O a lot.

I guess I would have to recap the weekend. Sunday I spent being good housewife.  I was “pleasantly” woken up with a really aggressive tap on my shoulder. Mommy, I want pancakes.  Mommy… MOMMY!! I want PAN-CAKes! So I pull myself out of bed, and I serenaded the whole time I brushed my teeth, got dressed, made my coffee with I want Pancakes, Mommy!

Finally, I get the step ladder, and she is up at the counter, mixing, adding the egg, which almost turned into two eggs including the eggshells in the pancake mix.

I made the pancakes including a the yummy banana sauce. As I place the pancakes on the table, she says, I no wan it, Mommy. Oh no, you are eating it the freaking pancakes.

Then I spend 20 minutes cleaning, putting dishes in the dishwasher. In the meantime, DH decides to clean the heating vent in the bathroom. As he is taking the face off, the tiles around it pop off the wall. O comes running in, Oi OiOi, Daddy!!! What a mess!

So this lead us to a field trip to Home Depot, where we only needed some putty to glue the tiles back in place. $100 later we have more flowers for the garden.

We get back, and I make lunch…grilled cheese with a salad. O: I no want sandwich. I want bread with butter.  We force her to sit down and eat, and she is finally a kid and eats grilled cheese.

Then I clean up again.

Then I start making strawberry rhubarb pie.  The rhubarb from the CSA.  Auntie R and I are cutting and chopping. I use Trader Joe’s frozen pie crust. O helps me roll out the dough thinner. She is a great help. Then the pie is placed in the oven.

DH gets to putting the putty on the wall, and starts fixing the tiles.

I force O to take a nap.  She fights it, but she finally falls asleep.

I take the time to clean round 3 of food.

After an hour, O wakes up, and she putputs around the living room. She finally goes into the bathroom and sees the vent. And she screams out with excitement, DADDY, you pix it!!  Good Job! Good BOY!! And she runs to him, give him a hug and high five. That is some high praise indeed!!

An hour later, I start dinner.  The Sausage, Kale and polenta.  It was super yummy, and it was the 4th meal I made, and the 4th clean up of the day. And even O had a few bites.  Not of the kale, but some polenta and a few sausages.

So that was our Sunday! It ended with BATH TIME!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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