Changing Diaper

Tonight O ran into the house and started asking for her Frankat (a cat her Aunt Leena gave her from Build-a-Bear Workshop, and when you press her hand, it says, Leena’s recording, Hi, O. Hope you’re having a nice day. Love from your Auntie Leena and Uncle S.)  Mommy, I can’t find it. Where is the Cat??  Oh, here it is!  Then she pulls out the changing pad from her diaper bag, spreads across the her bedroom floor, and puts the cat right on top of the changing pad.  I go get dinner prepped, and I come check on her 5 minutes later.  I catch her on the sofa chair, with the A&D diaper cream in her hand, which she has removed from the diaper caddy.  Then she kicks us out of her room. Mommy, go away, I change Cat’s diaper.  So I walk out.  She closes, more like slams the door behind me.  DH goes to her room and tells her to keep the door slightly ajar.  But we leave her alone in her room. I’m busy getting dinner ready so I’m just happy that she is doing her own thing without me.  5 minutes later I am a little unnerved by how quiet is she is.  What is she up to in her room?    Walk over, slightly scared of what I will find her room.  I open the door, and…. there she was, with the cat on the changing pad, diaper laid out next to the cat, a pile of wipies next to her, and half the A&D tube all over the cat’s but and her hands. That’s right! She was changing the Cat’s diaper. O, what are you doing? I say shocked. I might have raised my voice, but it was more of just What the F is going on???  And she looks at me, her eyes well up, and the next thing I know she is hysterically crying.  Mommmmmmmmmmmy!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn’t just a few tears, it was the whole water works!  I tell her it’s OK, her dad comes running in.  And we tell her, don’t worry, Daddy, will clean the Cat. It’s OK.  And stands up, her hands (full of A&D cream) raise to me, Mommy, HOLD ME!! I’m like, Oh, no.  Let’s wash your hands first.  So take her to the bathroom, tears still pouring down her checks.

Now, if you’ve never tried to wash A&D cream off of kids hands, the cream that is used on the butt to keep fluids (either runny poo or peepee) away from butts, I pretty much had scrub her hands raw with soap.  But finally Daddy cleaned off the cat’s ass, and I removed the layer of A&D cream off her hands, and we gave her a hug.

To distract her, Why don’t you listen to the Cat’s heart with the stethoscope?  Tears forgotten, she runs and grabs her doctor’s kit.  She puts the stethoscope in her ears, and then she says Baboom, Baboom.  Breathe deep, breathe deep (and for those of you have have watched the Elmo doctor episode over and over again, and it has been tattooed on your mind, you know what I am talking about….I leave it at that before I have to burn out my mind’s eye!)


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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