Laundry, I Hate Thee

For years, YEARS, I lived in apartments or houses where laundry facilities were not provided in the apartment.  One place, the one in Long Island, I had to pack the laundry in the car and drive over to the Laundromat.  By far the worst situation. Another place, required me putting the laundry in the wheely, and pushing it down the street a couple of blocks. This was OK. Especially because coincidently I made a friend (who is now a really close friend) who happened to live down the street from me. So we would get together and do laundry together. Chat away and go shopping while waiting for the washing cycle to finish.  Then we lived in a large apartment building that had a laundry room in the basement.  But the room was small, and there were only like 7 washing machines for two buildings. So you had to go there at the crack of dawn. But a little later than right at the crack of dawn. Because the crack of dawn was reserved for the parents that were up since 5 am.  And if you missed the window, you had to wait. Since I only did laundry like once every two weeks, I would need at least 3 machines sometimes 4.

But now, I live in a house with the beautiful LG washer and dryer in the basement (gift from my ever so generous parents. They said it is was more a present for O because she would create a lot of laundry). They are beautiful. They have so many features, that I only managed to maybe learn to use like 4 out of hundreds.  But anyway. O does help me push the buttons now, and throwing her socks into the machine. That’s where the helpfulness ends.

But why do I hate it so much? I put a load anytime I want. Granted the washing cycle takes like an hour, and I have often forgotten that I even started a load until the next morning.  This has been really helpful when O was sick and she kept throwing up a lot.

I have no problem, absolutely no problem doing the laundry.  What I take issue with is FOLDING.  At all those places that required me to walk out of the house/ apartment I had to fold everything before getting back in the car/ putting it in the wheely.  Now, I don’t need to fold right away. What’s the rush, I say??  I mean, I can do it later and finish watching the season premiere of the Real Housewives of New York (yes, the bitches are back, I’m sure you’ve seen all the write up about it. Can’t wait for the claws to come out!!.. but I digress.)  And yes, I realize I can easily fold laundry as the cat fighting is going on. But it’s distracting. I can’t fully focus on who said what while folding a sheet and obstructing my view of the TV.

Case in point, I did laundry on Sunday, two loads, nothing crazy.  The two loads are still not so neatly jammed into two laundry baskets.  And I just keep picking my socks up by going through the basket.  Easy access to laundry is a curse disguised as a blessing.  Oh and because the laundry ends up staying in the baskets for so long, they get wrinkled, so then I have to put them in the dryer for 10 minutes to release the wrinkles. Yes, not efficient and increasing my carbon footprint. I balance out the carbon footprint by justifying to myself that I take the subway to work everyday. I am the personification of GREEN!!

And each evening as I walk into my bedroom, the two laundry baskets eye and mock me with their fullness. I am hoping by Friday, DH would have used enough of the clothes out of them that they will be practically empty…only to be filled again with the next round of laundry.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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One Response to Laundry, I Hate Thee

  1. Aunty says:

    I hate folding too! And putting away dishes!… I don’t mind doing but the putting away… For some reason I feel no satisfaction, I just don’t do it… even folded (done by DH) clothes stay on the chair for days.

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