Potty Training… Take 5 (??)

That’s right, we try again.  We are following her cues now.  Last weekend, we went to lunch, and right after I did a diaper change, we are back in the dinning room, and she asks again to go potty.  Since she clearly just went peepee and poop, the request was for… I don’t know, she just wanted to go peepee. So her dad took her to the bathroom, and just put her on the toilet with the diaper on.  Then of course, you must wash hands. That was a big production.

So everyone involved in O’s daily routine has decided that this might be the IT!!  One of the girls at day care is already potty trained, and O has been talking about going potty.  And she loves to flush the toilet after I go potty.

I decided to try the sticker approach. I downloaded a Dora potty training chart, and gave Titi three charts (three girls) and have two for home.  I bought stickers for each location.  And then the program started. The first day, I pick up O, and Titi tells me that O is mad at her because Titi refused to give her a sticker. And one of the other girls got TWO stickers. TWO tickers, Mommy!  What O did, she sat on the toilet, and then, All done! Ticker please! Titi explained, and I explained that you can only get a sticker when you go peepee in the potty, not just sitting on the potty.

At night, while getting ready for bed, we discussed the importance of the sticker, and that you need to go peepee in the potty to get the sticker. We did the trial run of sitting on the toilet.

Then the next afternoon, when I pick her up, I ask her, Did you get any stickers today? No, no tickers today?  How did J____ get?  J_______ has two tickers.  O, do you want a sticker?  Yeah.

So lets see…. Last night she sat on the toilet and she seemed to be almost ready to go, but then freaked out, and asked for her diaper. This could be the time!

Titi said that in two months she will be potty trained.  Well, you know. In two months’ time, let’s see if she is right.

Update on March 1, O, do you want a sticker today? No, Mommy, I don’t wan ticker.  But O, J____ will get lots of stickers today. I DON’T WAN TICKER!!!

Are we regressing??? If it’s not easy she doesn’t want it???


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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3 Responses to Potty Training… Take 5 (??)

  1. Sam says:

    People keep telling me that C is ready to potty train as shes taking her own diaper off in the night and telling us when she needs to go/or just went, but I am so not :o( I do a few hours every now and then of potty time, but C is really odd and needs to be completely naked to do potty time, even though she has done poop and pee in it, sometimes she still freaks out that she wants a diaper. I am dreading proper potty training. M is so not ready, she copies C by sitting on the potty but never does anything except make a “psssssss” sound and then declares “poop!” – gotta love her. Let me know how the stickers go…

    • RidgewoodMom says:

      That’s exciting that C has done both Pee and Poo in the potty. I think she’s on the way. O does the same thing. Asks to sit on the potty, then completely freaks out and asks for the diaper. Today the stickers appear not to be working. I think she is really stubborn that if she doesn’t get the stickers when she expects them, then she just pretends that she doesn’t need them. I’m thinking of putting a potty chart for DH and I as well, to make her bit more envious of the stickers.

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