DH and His Electrical Skills

I was debating all weekend about the post I was going to write. And I think DH’s handy skills need a mention.  We have this lovely fan in the bedroom from Ylighting.com (who by the way, you should totally use for your lighting needs.  They are amazing, they have really good prices, and possibly the best customer service EVER!!!  Please read on to see why.)  One night, the fan made a weird noise, then stopped working.  I contacted Ylighting, and they almost in two days sent out a new replacement fan.  No arguments, No speaking to the manager! They just sent it out!  Great!!!  Less gray hairs for me.  This happened in like January. It is now almost the end of February, and finally yesterday because I had off, and DH came home early we finally decided to change the fan.  Now, the fan has a light, which has not been working for the last month or so. So I’ve been using the side lamp, and when it’s still dark out, it’s hard to pick out your clothes.  And based on the original experience of installing the fan, I was expecting an argument.  I say, I think we need to turn off the electricity from the box downstairs. He says, Don’t worry, I turned off the light switch.  I think, ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY???  I actually say, But you realize that the electricity is still flowing from the ceiling, even if it’s not going to the fan??  If you get electrocuted, it’s on you.  He thinks about it.  In an effort to minimize the potential fight here, I continue folding the N’inth load of laundry.  He calls out, Can you go flip the electrical switch downstairs.  I do it.  I come up, and we proceed to get into an argument about which wires get connected where.  There is a remote control receiver that needs to be hooked up, which is making things a bit more complicated. First he tries to connect the white and black wires TOGETHER coming from the ceiling.  I say, I don’t think that’s right. What are you going to connect to the remote control receiver?  Oh yeah, you’re right.  Then attaching the remote control receiver. A few curses follow, screaming at it, then I show him the instructions. These tell me nothing, he yells. I say, have you looked at the diagram carefully?  What’s with the attitude? he says to me.  Well, because I’m trying to show you something, and you dismiss it, without looking at it. We glare at each other. Oh, the wire are marked, he says.  (AHHHHHHHH, I scream in my head!)  More curses, as he connects all the correct wires together. Twenty minutes later, the fan and light are working!!!

I think what really frustrates me about doing stuff like this around the house, and is that A. we always get in fights. B. we never listen to each other. C. he dismisses my ideas outright.  And I guess, as a man, I would expect him to be able to do this stuff. AND HE WORKS IN CONSTRUCTION!!!  That’s right! And he is the LEAST handiest person I know.  Granted he does drywall taping, but still, you would think being around on a construction site, he might catch on to something.  But no! He has very little electrical skill, NO plumbing skills… When we had the various leaks in the house, it was like talking to a brick wall. Maybe you should turn off the main water?  Went on deaf ears.

Yesterday I had a holiday, so no work. And since DH came home early, and we reinstalled the fan… now read this… NO BABY!!  O was at day care. You would think this was a prefect time for a quickie in the afternoon. But no… we spent the rest of the day watching a movie!  That’s right, it was PERFECT! I thought about the hankie pankie, but the movie just sounded soooo RELAXING!  Normally at night, by the time, O falls asleep, it’s already 8:30, and a renting a moving would mean that I would miss my own bedtime of 10:30 pm.  I know, sad… but it was perfect for us!


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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