O Speak

O is such a chatterbox.  I should really get her that book, Little Miss Chatterbox. Is there one for that? But I’m sure with her particular reading habits, it probably won’t make the cut.  I tried introducing The Giving Tree yesterday, and it’s been very impolitely ripped out of my hands.    Back to her chattiness.  She loves to talk, and she is very, very serious sometimes when she retells stories.

The other evening I recorded O “reading” (Basically, retelling the story from memory). I sent the audio to my friends, who didn’t understand her blabber until I sent them the words of the actual story. Then it all made sense.

However, as she is getting older, a lot of her words are getting much more clearer, and she has lost some of the odd things she used to say.  For example, Cacky is now Daddy (sad…).

So with that in mind, what do these wonderful words mean? The word is first, then it’s used in a sentence.

  • poney, Mommy poney Mommy, funny!
  • puter, Calk Neena a puter?  And translate the whole sentence. Talk to Neena on computer
  • packpack, Packpack and map Backpack and map. If you know Dora, this would be pretty easy.
  • kaful, Mommy, be kaful Mommy, be careful.
  • call, call, call.  Baby call, call call Baby crawl, crawl, crawl (From the book, Baby Baby Baby)
  • be kaiet.  Mommy, be kaiet. Mommy, be quiet.
  • Remote koll. Here, Mommy. Remote koll. Turn TV on. Remote control. Turn TV on. I know, it’s sad that this is a common sentence for her. But she has told me, Mommy, be kaiet. O watch News.  So at least she up to speed on the events going on the Middle East and around New York (fans of NY1)

Answers to follow next week!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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4 Responses to O Speak

  1. Aunty says:

    I think I know 5 out of 7

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