So my mini stay-cation is over… Sigh… But it was a fantabulous time.

On Friday, DH discovered Century 21 Home section, where we quickly blew $100 on two large towels, two hand towels, a bathroom garbage can, toilet bowl cleaner, two spa bathroom mats, a soap dispenser, and something else which I can’t remember, so obviously not very important, for a whopping $100. LOVE IT!

Then I quickly hit TJ Maxx and bought two pairs of jeans and two tops, which are much too thin to be worn in 15 degree weather.

After O went to sleep on Friday, because we were on a spending spree, we finally purchased O’s long awaited Christmas present. Don’t worry, we are not totally bad parents. We did get her a small present to open up. But don’t worry she was not lacking in present opening on Christmas. Auntie Lena got her like 10 presents which totally made up for our lack of giving.  But anyway, we finally purchased her the toy kitchen. Now, I will not shame myself and shock all of you to tell you how much we spent. Let’s just say the original budget was blown. It was the iron and ironing board that seduced us. It could also have been the high of the day’s earlier bargin shopping… or the glasses of wine (ok, I didn’t even have a glass, DH had half of one).  It’s being delivered tomorrow just in time for the weekend.  And the reviews said it would take 4 hours to assemble.  (You can now imagine your own outrageous price for it… but in our defense, it’s gender neutral for the future children we are NOT going to have, and it will grow with her…. she better like it.)  The next morning we woke up with a hangover (shopping hangover) and we both independently thought, what the hell did we do last night?  But it’s on its way, and we made peace with it.

On Sunday in my usual cheapness (somehow we have to pay for O’s kitchen), I didn’t want to purchase the film tickets for BAM online because of the $1 per ticket service charge, so when we got there it was sold out. But we did end up having lunch with Auntie J and R in Brooklyn.  And O fell in love with a big St. Bernard dog outside of the supermarket.

Then on Monday, we took public transportation to a friend’s in New Jersey.  She has a 10 month old boy, Baby C.  The trip took 2 hours each way. But we took the ferry, and O was in love with the water and boat.  That’s all she talked about. Going on boat? Boat, mommy??

As soon as we got there, Auntie K saw up coming down the block, a vision in PINK.  O eyed her suspiciously, until we got upstairs, where she promptly noticed Baby C’s toys in the corner.  Baby C was still sleeping at this point.  (Ah… the long forgotten days of the morning nap…)  I had to drag her into the bathroom to wash her hands.  Then Baby C woke up, and she heard him. Baby, crying???  So she ran to his room to see him. He was startled by both of us.  But he quickly recovered from seeing all these stranger and gave us a big smile.  O, on the other hand, quickly lost interest and wanted to go to the toys.

When they first started playing together (and I use this term in the loosest of manners.  Whatever she had, he wanted.)  O didn’t know what to do with him. The first incident occurred over a plastic blue cup.  Just a regular cup mind you, no special toy.  Curse you, blasted cup!!  But then O started sharing, but she didn’t realize that handing him this gigantic plastic cube will end up hitting him in the head because he can’t grab and hold.  So he started crying, then she started whimpering.  Then finally, she understood to be gentle.

The cutest was when she was playing with something, Baby C wanted it, she cried, my turn, mommy.  His mom said that when he plays with  other babies his age, he just plays with the closest toy.  But when he saw O, he wanted to do whatever she was doing. She had the sippy cup, he wanted a sippy cup. She had pretzels, he wanted pretzels. I had to explaine that the baby doesn’t understand about sharing.  I think she got it, because after that she was much better about giving him the toys.

But it was for me anyway, a juggling act. As soon as I would hold Baby C, O got jealous and called out, Mommy, hold me.  Auntie K said this was good practice for her to see what it would be like to juggle a baby and a toddler. I said it wasn’t totally accurate because O is not used to having babies around. So she is naturally more demanding.  Who does this baby think he is trying to take MY mommy away????

Then O showed Baby C how to play hide and seek.  This was probably the part that totally wiped him out.  Hide and seek in O’s world works where she runs and hides in the same spot over and over again, and I come looking for her. And I say Fee Fi Fo Fum, Where could O be hiding now.  Well, K was holding Baby C, O was pushing both of them to hide behind the kitchen island. Then I would do my thing, Fee Fi Fo Fum where are O and Baby C  hiding now???. I’d come over, tickle O who would scream. Baby C would laugh then scream following O’s lead. It was super cute.

Overall it was a great day. But my suspicions of O’s height have been confirmed: Baby C who is 10 months old is as tall as O. So she is really really short.

And Happy Birthday to Auntie Lena!  She is celebrating her 29th birthday (again and again, but we won’t tell). After the video chat with her today, O ran around like crazy and didn’t want to go to sleep. I guess talking to her auntie is much more exciting than boring ol’ sleep.


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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