Potty Training Day 1

This weekend being a long weekend, I decided to start potty training…seriously. Not just thinking about it. So the morning started out with putting O in big girl underwear, and I showed her my underwear, and she seemed really excited about it. I covered all the couch cushions in plastic, and put towels over them. I kept telling her to tell me when she needs to go peepee so we can go on the potty.  She still seemed excited. Then she had her first accident.  Changed the pants and underwear.  Then she wanted to sit on the toilet. Not her little toilet.  And we sat. I put her stool under her feet so she can sit more comfortably.  She looked really cute, this little person sitting on the big toilet.  But nothing happened. She just wanted to flush the toilet.  I’m sure that is much more fun than actually going peepee.  Then an hour later she had another accident. I am running out of towels already.  Changed her again.  Then I started wondering about the kaka situation. She likes to go to her hiding spot and do her business in private. And if I try to see what she’s doing, she says, Go away, Mommy. Go away!!  I noticed that she was going to her spot. I was really scared because I really didn’t want to clean a kaka filled underwear.  So I brought the potty to her, and made her sit on it in her “secret” spot.  But nothing happening. Then I put her on the toilet.  She sat there. She tried to get up.  I made her sit on there longer.  After 10 minutes, it was pretty clear that nothing was going to happen.

Then she started crying that she wants a diaper change. I tried to convince her that she doesn’t need a diaper.  And so our day 1 of potty training ended abruptly at noon.  It lasted a whole 4 hours.

I don’t think she is ready yet. I think I will try again in a month and see what happens.  Maybe next time, I’ll do the sticker option.  Where she gets a sticker every time goes peepee in the potty. I was so optimistic about this weekend, that I haven’t purchased new diapers or wipes.  In the afternoon I had to make an emergency run to Toys R Us for diapers.

Let’s see what happens in month.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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