December 2010 Recap

December marked another birthday for me. It was by far the best birthday in 25 + years. (Ahem, ahem, you sit down in the peanut gallery).  Not because I went out to a fancy dinner, or had lots of drinks. No, it was because in our crazy December, DH stopped and made dinner (first time in over a month), and had cupcakes (I had to buy for myself) with the one tiny candle and O singing Happy Birthday A Mommy for a good 20 minutes. And with the accompanying blowing out of the candle.  She hugged the small cupcake, and when I offered to cut a piece for her, she answered, No, Mommy, and grabbed it gently again towards her. And we sang Happy Birthday again.  Because December has been so “great” to us, our camera broke, and the one I wanted is now out of stock and back ordered, so the only way to get O’s singing was to do a voice recording on my iPhone.  It is still super cute, and I still play it at the bewitching hour of 10:30 pm.

DH got his wish and we bought him skis with the accompanying helmet (as he says, he will not be much good to O drinking his food through a straw.) I have to say this request for safety has really impressed me because he is not always aware of dangers around him or he chooses to ignore them.  Of course the new skis also required a car ski rack.  And a ski lock. And new ski socks.  And… I’m sure there was something else. Oh yeah, new gloves. In all fairness he bought me some pretty cool ski gloves too, which were a god send on the slopes because of the wind.

The family Christmas vacation lacked the previous drama of two years ago. Everyone was on their best behavior, including O.  For the White Elephant game, always a source of stress for me to find the perfect present that everyone will want, I was very excited to find a great gift at the last-minute…. a flash drive in the shape of R2D2.  And it was stolen 3 times!! WOOHOO!  DH’s gift did not do so well. It was the Magic Bullet. Although it was a great idea, my brother-in-law from far off country got the present, which he can not plug it in to use. I told him to return it and get something else.

For two weeks before Auntie Lina came, it was non stop from O, Lina coming?  No, not yet. Lina coming?  In two weeks, Boobie.  Then more angry, Lina COMING!  Yes, she is, I would finally give in. And the conversation would move on. 20  minutes later, it started again.  I mean, she has been building up Lina coming, I was scared that she would treat Lina the same way she did back in September… completely ignoring her.  But finally, this time is different, and Lina has gotten all the attention. It was even one point when Ghema was not wanted for a diaper change, but Lina had to do it.  I asked Lina if she misses the days when she was ignored. She said no. But as she was woken up this morning with O practically screaming, What Lina doing?  Shhhh, Lina sleeping.  (Whispering) Lina sleeping?  Yes.  (Very loud whisper) Lina sleeping. And Lina and Even were obviously up since the little munchkin couldn’t keep her voice down.

And now Lina and Even are at Auntie’s R. O is fast asleep. Leaks are fixed, and tires changed.  And DH is watching basketball.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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