All for Naught

I usually plan the blog post in my head throughout the day. That way when I get home, after O is asleep, I plop on the couch, watch TV with DH and I write-up my words of wisdom (or not) for the day.  Well, a few things have interfered with this ritual. The first being that O goes to bed so much later.  That by the time she is asleep, I forget to eat dinner, and all my creativity is drained. Hence the less than inspiring posts lately. I was doing it more to make sure you keep coming back, and won’t be disappointed to not see a new post.  But it’s a double edge sword. Would you really come back if the promise of posts delivers these really sad reading posts??  I wonder.

Last night specifically DH also interfered with the post writing.  Since the basement reno has started, he’s been on the hunt for the best ideas, supplies that he can. Which requires extensive internet research, frustrated results, and a husband with a headache because he’s looked at one too many websites with 6 too many air conditioner/ shower/ fireplace choices.  BTW, fireplace is totally unnecessary for the design, but he fell in love with this bio-fuel, non-fume releasing fireplace, that now it has become a MUST have. And it doesn’t help that everyone I mention this to says, Oh, that’s a great ideaYou know your husband is the interior designer of the family, so you should let him do itYou never let him have anything else cool in his life, let him have the fireplace…  That’s all great, but that was not in the budget. Anyway.  Last night we finally realized his dream shower is OUT of budget by $600, and that the air conditioner has been ordered.  YEY.  Fireplace will be next!

All day yesterday I was walking around with an update on my Crafty To Do list, and after putting O to sleep, and dealing with shower ordering issues, I was much too tired to even put two sentence together in an email. (Fingers crossed I get to do the crafty update tonight….)

But on a side note. O slept the WHOLE night, no little pitter patter at 1:30 am wanting me to read. YEY!  But she did end up fall asleep last night as I switched over from Beatrix Potter to the New York Times for the iPhone.  But I had to keep the book open, place the iPhone in the open book. O learned last night about the memorable lines in movies, and how they are harder to come by. And about an exhibit in Utrecht Holland on the designer/ architect  Gerrit Thomas Rietveld. Hopefully some of the things I’m reading will stick in her subconscious and she will have avaricious thirst for art, movies, and design.


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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