Suzy Homemaker

Sorry for the absence.  We had wireless router issues at home, and were not connected for about 4 days. But now we are up and running.  Before I proceed with my Suzy Homemaker, I would like to give a shout-out to Cisco Valet Pro wireless routers. I know a little bizarre. But if you have ever tried to set up a wireless router with encryption and name the network, you know it’s not easy.  Well, this little sucker is idiot proof. So much so that is a little unnerving not to have any sort of directions. You open the box, and you insert the USB easy key launch, and it does it all for you.  It even tells you which cable goes into which port.  Then you take the USB thingy and you put it into the next computer, and so on.  The wireless network is named with lovely woodsy names like GreenFrog, WeepingWillow, QuackyDuck…

Now, back to the real post… I have decided to start a whole bunch of crafts projects….Ok, you can stop laughing now…And yes, I know you rolled off your chair with laughter.  And yes, there are several Rubbermaid containers in the basement that hold my previous craft projects. And it is very possible that the new projects might also end up in a Rubbermaid container. But I give you this: I will start a new page which you can all follow on the status of my projects.  This will force me to actual start them, and MAKE progress. Or at least will give y’all a good laugh or chuckle.

So here is the list that I’ve started of my crafty projects.  They include everything from cross stitching, cooking/baking, quilting, etc. And in no particular order, I introduce you to my crafty to do list:

  1. Cake Balls. Now these could either come out at the Halloween party we are going to or at O’s birthday party and have them in PINK (emphasis on the K, because that’s how she says it) theme.  I went to Target this weekend to look for the cheesy Halloween candy and no go> i think I might have to go to Economy Candy; if they don’t have it, no one in the city will.
  2. Cutesy T-Shirts for O. This one looks really easy. All you need are t-shirts, stencils and fabric paint.  So far I have encountered the following issues: T-shirts, where do you get those really cute long sleeve shirts with the different colored sleeves??  Please let me know. Fabric paint: I went to the store in the neighborhood that the Plaid website said they would have it. I walk into a store that is a throwback to the 60s/70s. Everything looks dusty, jam-packed with stuff, but none of the stuff is the fluttering butterflies stencils or the Plaid fabric paint as promised on website. I am too scared to go to Micheal’s… I think I will spend much more than I want.
  3. Quilted Coat. OK, this one even I will admit is overly ambitious. But if you don’t set large goals, you’ll never reach the stars… or something like that.
  4. Finish O’s yearly albums. I want to do an album of pictures for each year of O’s life, and write a short little essay about her for that year.  So far, I have half of an album for the 1st year. I have the rest of the pictures from her first year.  No essay of course. But I think she was too little to really get a proper two page essay on who she is.  The 2nd year is much more critical (and must be done before I forget), but the pictures, that’s another story. I started choosing the ones I like, but finding the right album, now that’s another story.
  5. Quilt. I would actually like to make several quilts. One idea is to take some of O’s old clothes cut them out and make a quilt for her. Then I would also like to do a large quilt for our bed.
  6. Pillow cases for O’s bed.  I would like to take O’s crib bumper, take it apart and make pillow cases using the jungle animals off it so it can match her bed.
  7. Finish the Christmas tree skirt I started three years ago, and has gone through 2 moves and still lives in Rubbermaid container.
  8. Find a really nice cross-stitching pattern that I like.  By far cross-stitching is my favorite. I think of all of these, this one is most likely to be finished
  9. What you will NOT see on this list is any sort of knitting. Tried, can’t get the hang of it, so I probably won’t try it again.

Anyway, super excited for this new phase in my life. When I told DH that I am becoming Suzy Homemaker, he laughter, and after he caught his breath again said, Yeah, I’d love to see it.  As I am as stubborn as he is or as O is, I accept his challenge and I will do it.

PS. I’ve also started doing research on sewing machines AND have subscribed to crafty blogs to get new ideas for my Crafty To Do List.


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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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4 Responses to Suzy Homemaker

  1. Aunty says:

    I’ve been knitting the same scarft for about 12 years!

  2. Tarte Titou says:

    Yay! I love that you are getting all crafty! I too am a closet crafter–or had aspirations to be one. There are bundles of scrap fabric that I’ve been meaning to turn into a quilt, stuffed animals, or hand puppets. Alas, they wither away in Pac-Man’s closet.
    Have you been to Mood? Now THAT place is insane and I will sink serious cash there (same way you feel about Michaels). American Apparel makes really cute kids t-shirts that are great basics for your stenciling project. Lee’s Art Shop (on 57th street) is a great source for crafting supplies, too. Good luck!!

  3. RidgewoodMom says:

    Tarte Titou, thanks for the advice on where to turn to for more crafty supplies. I was just going to post an update on my status on the Crafty To Do List. From my standards, I think I have made HUGE progress!!!
    Aunty, that’s why knitting is not on the list. I always manage to start a really loosely knitted scarf then all of a sudden it’s shrunk in loops and the width is half the size. I think it’s my non laissez faire personality does not allow me to make loose loops.

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