Possibly Traumatized My Child

The week O was with the grandparents she forced them to watch Monsters, Inc. anywhere from once to three times a day.  When she got back to daycare, she tried to force everyone to watch it…three times in a row.  V put her foot down and said no.  Then yesterday, she wakes up crying from her nap.  And says, O cared (aka scared), O cying (crying).  Monker care (Monsters scared).  We can only assume that the marathon watching of Monsters, Inc. scared her into having nightmares. So now, Monsters, Inc. is out of rotation.

Even though on the ride home from daycare yesterday, monkers was the only thing she talked about.  But she said they were woking (working).  She then started talking about Story. And in my ignorance I thought she wanted me to read a story to her.  When we get home, I pull out Sleeping Beauty. NO, Mommy!! PINK! (I have yet to figure out what Pink means. She refers to several things as pink, so it could be anything.)  Anyway, Sleeping Beauty was NOT a good choice. Finally 20 minutes later, the truth comes out. She doesn’t want a story READ to her, she wants to WATCH a Toy’s Story.  Sneaky little bugger….

We didn’t watch it.  Bedtime comes. I start it much later, and she is in bed after the actual story was read to her (not the offensive Sleeping Beauty). And with just a few climbs out of bed, she is asleep by 8:15’ish.

Did I mention I have a slight cold? SO I go to bed at like 10 pm. And pass out.  At an ungodly hour of whatever, O wakes up screaming.  I don’t even think, but I put her back in bed. She doesn’t want to stay. I climb back into my bed and ignore her cries.  Then DH huffs and puffs out of bed, and tries to put her in her bed. But the screams coming from her are that he is skinning her alive.  Then he huffs back into bed.  And he’s like Do something.  What do you want me to do?  Just make her stop. I have to work tomorrow.  How? I retort.  Let her sleep in our bed!  Are you fucking kidding me?? I storm out of the room. O climbs into bed with DH, and I sleep on the couch. I have a terrible sleep.  A mosquito keeps harassing me throughout the night. I think I finally kill him at like 5:30 am.  And I feel like I barely slept.

As I hear O waking up in our bedroom, I realize my error.  She probably had a nightmare, and I was forcing her back in her bed, without any soothing words or noises.  No wonder she sounded like she was being skinned alive. I thought, My God! in 20 years when she is in therapy she will recount the night when her parents tried to force her back into a room that a Monker came out of.  Hopefully this trauma is buried so deep, that it will never come out.  because in the morning, she was in the greatest mood ever.  She cute and smily, and cooing me (As I was dealing with my guilt internally.)

I need to find the fucking night-light already!


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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