Back from Vacay

We are finally back from the O vacation and JB’s wedding vacation.  First wedding stuff.  She was beautiful!  The ceremony was short and sweet!  The venue was awesome (a bed and breakfast) and we had it all to ourselves for the whole weekend.  The DJ was amazing!  I know JB was super controlling about the music, which is why he was awesome! Then after the wedding was over, someone pulled out a iPhone dock, and the party continued with a horrendous rendition of Hallelujah (my brother-in-law still shudders when I mention the song).  On the other hand, we had the “discussion” with a long time friend who’s been MIA. Somewhat not appropriate to have it the night of the rehearsal dinner, but it worked out in the end.  Caught up with an old high school friend who now has a very sexy Puerto Rican boyfriend. All our husbands were laughing that he was going to steal all their wives.  Technically it’s his fault that you let your wives dance alone, and he was sexy and Puerto Rican.

Then on Sunday, a day when I couldn’t feel the bottom of my feet (so much singing and dancing), I still somehow had a voice, we went to see our darling baby girl!  And she completely reminded us (me) why I wanted the week off.  And the next few lines might sound completely bitchy and unappreciative. Far from it, it’s just the natural way that a child behaves towards the mother.  I walk in the house, and she gets promptly surgically attached to my hip.  I can’t take two steps without a little shadow following me.  She of course starts acting up, that no she doesn’t want a nap, even though she clearly about to fall asleep standing up.  I take her to my parents’ room, where I try to get her to sleep. And she’s in a corner crying. Then my mom comes, and frankly makes everything just slightly more difficult.  She talks to her, and blah, blah.  O needs to calm down, and come into bed. I walk out of the room just from sheer frustration.  10 minutes later, O and my mom are out of the room.  My mom says, I explained to her that if she starts whining she will have to take a nap.  2 minutes later, the whining starts.  I try to deal with it. My dad says, why don’t you just do what she wants so she won’t complain. I freaking hit the roof!  Yeah, because giving into her whining will make my life easier in the long-term???  So I take her back into the my parents’ room, where my dad comes in and says, Why are you in here??  Are you fucking kidding me??  I say, I’m trying to put her to sleep, and I can’t get the VCR to work.  Dad: You know, we never disciplined you guys in public, and we raised two girls.  Again, mental note on how helpful this conversation was. And after the whole fiasco, Oh, if you do nap time/feed time/ play time this way, she will do it because that’s what we did and it worked…. Where I explained, that’s great that it worked for you, but I’ve tried all these different things, and even though you don’t believe in Time Outs, I do, and when I do them, you will follow these rules when I am there and implementing them.  O finally falls asleep, I come out and can join the party.  DH says, why don’t we leave tomorrow morning. I’m like, hell no!  So that put him in a bad mood. But you know what, you can all be in bad moods now, but I will have to deal with O when she is super cranky, and we are super tired because she will have to sleep in our room, and while DH most certainly will take a nap while O is screaming, I will be on call.

Anyway, I am very grateful that my parents took O for the week.  It was great not to have to worry about getting up early, not drinking because you never know what time O will get up.  And I definitely think we will do this again next year.  I think they had fun with her too, and I think O did too.  But I also think they forgot how much work it was to have a little toddler running around.  Mom did start that the problem is that O doesn’t have a brother or sister to play with you.  And the best time is 2 years apart.  As my friends said, who overheard this conversation, Well, you are off the hook now because you missed the window!!  That I did…


About RidgewoodMom

Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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