Some Self Indulgence

I usually like to do my pedicure a few hours before I take a shower.  Just because I am a messy painter of the toes, and I inevitably get nail polish all over my toes no matter how careful I try to be.  The shower softens the mistakes and I can easily clean the toes up and make them look respectable.  But now with a toddler, and my busy TV watching schedule, and finishing up emails for work, catching up with friends, Facebook updates, reading blogs, and couch sitting, I hardly have time to do my toes so far in advance.  I have now honed in my shower skills to get everything done including shaving in less than 15 minutes.  It’s a skill mastered early in O’s life.  But to be fair, even when she was little, she was a good sleeper, so I was never one of  those women who would go days without a shower.  Maybe out of laziness I would choose not to shower, but it wasn’t because O was uncooperative.  But I digress….

Last night after I finished blog updates, chatted with a friend who is going though some rough times, roll my eyes at my dad (see previous post), I took my 15 minute shower.  After which I looked at my toes and was slightly embarrassed.  Right before I went to bed and switch Prime time on Demand Psych episode I missed last week, I decided to give myself a quick pedicure.  What I did, I would hardly call a pedicure.  Rather, a quick one two on the toe nails.  I’ve been out of cotton swabs for months, so my dilemma was what should I do with the nail polish I already had on my toes.  Why paint on top of it, why not??  Great idea!  I slather the nail polish on, did a really horrible job, and jump in bed, taking care not to touch the toes.

This morning I wake up and look at my toes, and it’s by far the worst thing that could have happened to my toes.  They are completely butchered.  I mean, leaving them alone would have been better. I really wanted to go and remove the nail polish but since no cotton swabs, using toilet paper or q-tips would have taken much too long.  The decision was made that I would go on the subway, hope no one judges my toes, and when I walk by Duane Reade I pick up cotton swabs.

I get to out of subway, and Duane Reade is freaking CLOSED!!  What the F??  So now, I’m at my desk with nasty toes and really depressed about it.  I think at this point, I should just bite the bullet and pay the twenty bucks and have them professionally done.



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Thirtysomething mom of a baby girl. First and only baby, possibly. First baby amongst my close friends. These are the trials, frustrations and lessons I have learned in raising a single child in New York.
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